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How to pair shoes with a maxi dress

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October 2, 2020

How to pair shoes with a maxi dress

It’s a great feeling: Casually walking around the shops without too much on your mind, when you turn a corner and suddenly spot the perfect dress you didn’t know you were looking for. But you also happen to have found the perfect pair of Nike shoes for sale. Both of these are two great clothing items, but how on earth to make them work together? 

It’s in the dress design

The length of the dress that catches your eye is going to be the primary factor in deciding what kind of shoes to wear with it. If you choose to wear flat shoes with a dress that is too long, you run the risk of stepping on and damaging its seam. If you wear a dress that is too short combined with heels, your ratio will be out and the overall appearance can be cheap. Luckily for those of us who are concerned with comfort, trainers with maxi dresses are considered very fashionable at the moment. Not only does this create a cool casual look, it also happens to be far more comfortable than waddling around town in heels.

What should I look for in a walking shoe?

The ideal walking shoes should comfortably mould around the shape of your foot, and should be cushioned enough to prevent chafing and the formation of blisters, but still be snug enough to provide enough support to the arches and ankles. Thanks to great strides being made in both design and technology, many shoes for sale currently in the walking shoe category cover both functionality and appearance, and comfort combined with a cute outfit is finally possible!

Build your outfit around the shoes

A great outfit is built around the right shoes, and is an effortless way to take your maxi dress from daytime into night-time. The long hemline of a maxi dress often hides the greater part of the shoe, which takes pressure off needing to find perfectly matching shoes.

All-weather support

Another great reason to wear sneakers with your maxi dress, is that it broadens your possibilities what to wear in inclement weather. Cooler weather and wet weather are both covered by sneakers, and what better comfort could you ask for if you expect to spend a lot of time on your feet? Best of all the right pair of sneakers will keep you in style and in fashion without sacrificing comfort.

You don’t have to hang around the Nike shoes sales in order to be fashionable. You can still wear a pretty pair of heels with your maxi dress, but they’re not be as comfortable as you would have been wearing sneakers.

How do you add a sophisticated edge to an outfit that’s built around sneakers?

Yet again, I have to remind you of the fact that you don’t need a complete costume change or outfit overhaul to take what you’re wearing from daytime to night time. Add a great faux leather jacket a chunky knit to your sneaker based maxi dress outfit, and watch the compliments come rolling in!


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