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How to protect your staff and customers from the invisible infection threat of Covid19

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July 7, 2021

With the recent global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, personal hygiene and employee health and safety are more important than ever before, even more so now that restrictions are starting to ease.

Did you know that the use of UVD robots, can drastically improve your workplace hygiene and significantly reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria.

UVD Robots stands for Ultra-Violet Disinfection Robots. They utilise the effects of high intensity ultra-violet light sources to destroy infectious bacteria and disinfect rooms & surfaces without human intervention – improving work environment, patient safety levels and operational efficiency for customers.

These self-driving machines navigate the room, where it kills microbes with a zap of ultraviolet light, in a 360 degree radius.

The bulbs emit concentrated UV-C ultraviolet light which destroys bacteria and viruses and other harmful microbes by damaging their DNA and RNA, so they can’t multiply. UV light has been used for decades in water and air purification, and used in laboratories.

These have a number of uses, in hospitals of course, but also in airports, empty offices, hotel rooms on changeover day and even in the classroom to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

To be fully effective, UV needs to fall directly on a surface. If lightwaves are blocked by dirt or obstacles, such shadow areas won’t be disinfected. Therefore manual cleaning is needed first, so they won’t be putting anyone out of a job.

Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with Apres Furniture.


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