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Best Foodie Destinations for a Family Holiday

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August 2, 2017

Family holidays are often when the best family memories are made. As much as they can be a bit of a hassle to organise, and of course with kids involved there’ll no doubt be at least one tantrum (I won’t specify if that’s the kids or parents!) Often one cause of contention when on holiday is finding somewhere to eat which allows the adults (and braver kids) to try the delicious local cuisine, but where younger family members can eat something they like, and where babies and excited kids won’t be met with tutting and disapproving looks if the kids are a little over excited. If, like me, food plays a major part in your life- here are some destinations perfect for family holidays, where you’ll also be able to eat like kings! I’ve stuck to Europe this time but of course there are so many other destinations worth checking out!



Sicily is a great place for family holidays. The weather is beautiful, the locals are friendly and the food is well… world famous and something to remember! If parents or some of the kids want to try something local, the seafood is fresh and full of flavour, arancini (rice balls fried and filled with different flavours) are classic and a granite is the perfect way to cool off after a long day of adventuring. Even the pickiest of eaters/foodies will have plenty of options. If one of the picky eaters wants to stick with more familiar foods, you can’t go wrong with classic pasta with local olive oil or yummy pizza. Another major bonus about Sicily- the culture is very family-oriented so restaurants are kid friendly and the locals are welcoming! Italian children generally have a long nap after lunch and stay up later than their British contemporaries- it’s not unusual to see children out with there parents in restaurants and walking in the centre as late as midnight meaning all the family can enjoy the warm evenings and local restaurants. If that sounds like the right fit for your family holiday, local companies like WishSicily have some lovely villas in Taormina Sicily that are ideal for families. This way you’ll have your own kitchen where you can use the incredible fresh ingredients available in the local markets and sort out food for a baby or other little ones. Buon appetito!



Greece has fresh food that you can pick up in markets or sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal all together in one of the many restaurants one all the Greek islands. If your young ones don’t want to be too adventurous but still have incredible food, souvlaki (chicken or pork on a skewer) has incredible flavour but isn’t too far away from a traditional meal you could be used to at home. Or, a classic Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and olive oil is a refreshing option. Depending on where you travel to, many local communities even offer their own spin on the Greek salad. Many foodies who want to try a classic dish often go for a gyro (pork or chicken wrapped in a pita) or tyri saganaki (fried cheese). You can be as adventurous or classic as you would like with food in Greece and still be sure to have a great time! With so much to offer- unbelievably blue waters, white sand and plenty of sunshine with costs remaining relatively low you can enjoy fantastic food in an incredible destination. Kalí óreksi! 

Greek food


Renting bikes and going to a local market to find a fresh baguette, local cheese, meat and fresh fruit to take and enjoy in a beautiful outside space, it sounds idyllic and that is a word I would use to describe a holiday in France. The French culture very much involves food of high quality and traditional dishes, with the French incredibly proud of their rich and historic cuisine. The kids will be happy to try a macaron (sweet and colourful biscuits with a flavoured filling), crepes (French pancakes perfect for a sweet treat) and warm croissants for breakfast. Parents and the adventurous foodies must have truffles, bouillabaisse (seafood stew), Ratatouille (thick stew) and plenty of other incredible traditional French dishes on their radars. Bon Apétit!

French Bakery

Of course, an entire family holiday can’t be planned purely around the food, but these locations are fantastic with loads of things to do and the incredible food is a massive bonus.

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    October 6, 2019

    Those foods look delicious! I agree on Sicily, such a beautiful place and Italian food is the best anyway.

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