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Everything You Need to Know Before You Fly Into Hong Kong

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September 19, 2020

If you are considering making a trip and flying into Hong Kong, there are many things to be aware of at this present moment. As a result of the global pandemic, you need to be extra careful when you travel anywhere, and the same is true of traveling to Hong Kong at this present moment.

Even though many people are fearful of traveling due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are still many reasons to visit this great city. For instance, there are many great restaurants in Hong Kong that you can visit while you go on your business or personal trip.

Before You Go

While Hong Kong remains closed to nonresidents, transit services stopped at HKIA on June 1st. Before traveling, passengers are advised to look at the entrance requirements of their final destination, so they meet with the requirements required to transport during HKIA.

Since June 15th, passengers flying to Hong Kong have been permitted to travel with numerous airlines. Back before COVID times, passengers could fly with different tickets, however, all spheres of the travel must be on precisely the same ticket.

Additionally, passengers should have completed check-in for flights until they get down in HKIA. All travel passes and luggage tags must be printed outside, and all of the bags must be assessed right through to the last destination.

HKIA demands some passengers to have COVID-19 evaluations before flying. However, that just applies to travelers if the last destination is Hong Kong, and maybe not when they have been transiting.

After You Arrive

On arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, passengers may find that the airport is far more silent than at pre-COVID days. On entrance, all passengers who’ve linking flights need to experience body-temperature screening. Passengers are also provided with decals at transport points in the order they are readily identified.

Once through clinical screening, passengers need to go right to the boarding gates of these connecting flights. Designated dining areas also have been installed for people in transit. Passengers can also be requested to keep a physical space of 1.5 m from different passengers constantly.

Robots are a fresh improvement to HKIA and are set up to make sure passenger facilities stay sterile and are washed regularly. Sanitizer is additionally available at a few points across the airport.

The Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

Now that the serious regulation requirements are taken care of, you are probably wondering what the best restaurants available in the city are. Being very international, there are many dining options in Hong Kong. This includes traditional East Asian restaurants, modern East Asian restaurants, and even contemporary European-style restaurants.

Mak’s Noodles

Mak’s is famed for its wonton noodles and can be amongst the most delicious noodle shops on the planet. This is a result of the yummy broth, healthy-sized elements, and economical prices (less than $5). Each of its food is homemade, and the support is quick.

Slurping those noodles down is just one of the favorite activities to do in Hong Kong. In addition to the Wellington Street location, you can find other restaurant locations in Hong Kong that you can visit.

Location: 77 Wellington St., Central, Hong Kong

Kau Kee Restaurant

Having undergone the test of time for more than ninety years, Kau Kee is among the very renowned restaurants in Hong Kong that handles brisket. They have been well-known for 2 chief dishes, which are brisket in clean soup with the selection of noodles, and brisket with some noodle curry.

Both meals are exceptional, however, the curry, using a delightfully fragrant curry powder taste and still being plump and rich, is truly exceptional. Incidentally, do not allow the line out Kau Kee Restaurant to get down on you. The lineup usually moves fast, which is well worth looking forward to that full bowl of brisket curry.

Location: G/F., 21 Gough Street, Mid-Level, Central, Hong Kong

Lin Heung Teahouse

Intended for holding to the original style, also ranked by CNN as with the absolute best dining establishments in the area, it is a must-visit if you’re in the city. Also, this teahouse is just one of the excellent adventures in Hong Kong.

It is a teahouse in which you’ve got to be competitive, and you also might not receive every one of the dishes that you wanted to take to. However, the ambiance, communal tables, and lively environment mean that there is something to always smile about once you are downing dumplings. When going to Hong Kong, do not miss out on the yum cha in at this place.

Location: G/F 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Kwan Yu Roasted Meat

This place is a charred meat restaurant with all the wonderful meats you can imagine, such as roast beef and poultry and poultry. However, combined in addition to their braised pigeon, most people enjoy their char siu. It is chiefly because it is less sweet compared to many other restaurants in the area. Also, the taste buds salivate over every one of the bits of char siu. Give this place a try and you will not be disappointed.

Location: G/F, No.102 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Lo mai gai restaurants

Lo mai gai is usually served in various dim sum restaurants located in Hong Kong, however, that I only had to add it with this list as its standalone dish as it was certainly one of my own needs to eat favourites since I had been a kid in Hawaii; It is absolute comfort food at its finest for me personally.

Glutinous rice, and a combo of pork and chicken, and sometimes Chinese sausage, is cooked in just a lotus leaf before the whole package gets gooey, the tastes all mingle together, and also the lotus leaf embeds its odor into the rice.

Simply considering lo mai gai and writing about this can make the mouth water. Some prefer to consume it with a little chili sauce. While at a dim sum restaurant, if you can get some lo mai gai then you will be in for a joyful experience.

Location: Any dim sum restaurant in the area

In Conclusion

Now that you know just about everything you need to know to fly into Hong Kong, make sure you book a flight and hotel for when you arrive. It’s best if you stick with reputable brands so you know you’re getting the best experience.

Look at the reviews if you are not sure what you want to go with. There are several options for airlines, including Cathay Pacific. There are also multiple hotels you can choose from. Take your time and choose wisely.


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