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Review: All new Ringos at Snowtrax

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March 17, 2024

I have fond memories of many a birthday party at Snowtrax over the years, with all the kids enjoying one at some point.

Now, the Ringos experience has been taken up to a whole new level of fun!!

The Ringos of old have now been replaced with a new, bespoke “drop in” angled ramp, which means that you can slide faster than ever before


No more tired and achy legs thanks to the new Ringo Travellator/Uplift, designed to whisk you back to the top of the slope in record time!

There is no need to pull your Ringo back up the slope (or getting Mum to help) as it carries you up itself, unless of course you want speed up to experience more exhilarating rides back to the bottom, in your allocated time.

There are two tracks to choose from, one gentler drop and one that is steeper, with added humps to fly over.

There is a large viewing area for spectators, which you can use for taking photo’s / video’s of all the fun, or you can chill out in the Alpine Pub.

The price for each 30 minute Ringo session is £11 per person and you can upgrade to Include unlimited time in their Alpine Adventure Park for only £4.50 per child – visit for more information.


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