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How To Pack Your Bags Correctly!

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January 30, 2016

Holiday packing is not my favourite job and I am one of these people that start about a week before and then end up packing and unpacking several times as I think I have forgotten something.
So what is the perfect way to pack?
How to pack your bags correctly
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    February 13, 2017

    Hi Kara,
    Great post!
    I’m terrible at packing! Your post is very helpful in my quest to pack and get on with it! I also pack and unpack and then rinse and repeat. And I’m one of those women who packs way too much stuff!
    We’re off on a trip to the Namib desert later this year and I have 2 goals when it comes to packing. Travel with only 1 bag and only what I need, not what I think I need!
    I’m literally practicing my packing skills. And your packing check list is going to be handy here.
    I might just surprise myself and our fellow travelers when we hit the road and I only have one bag! LOL!
    Thanks for this great all-in-one packing guide!

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