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Dorset: Walking with Alpaca’s at Hope Farm Review

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February 22, 2022

We are always on the look out for new activities to try, so when the kids spotted Hope Farm, near Wimborne, was offering Alpaca walks, I booked it in as a half term treat.

Alpaca walking is a great way of getting the family out for a walk in the countryside, without them realising how far they are walking.

We arrived at Hope Farm excited and a little bit nervous of what to expect, but the team could not have been more friendly and helpful.

Eliza and Sebby had to be accompanied by an adult, as were under 12, whereas Isaac at 13 could walk his own Alpaca.

Isaac with Megatron

The experience begun with a health and safety briefing before demonstrating how to lead your alpaca and the commands you need to use. Sebby and Eliza both held a rope themselves, but their accompanying adults had one too.

Sebby with Posh Charles

Once we were ready to walk, one of the guides started with a bit of a quiz to establish our knowledge of alpaca’s and as we walked, shared lots of other facts so we could learn more about these amazing creatures.

The walk took us along a public bridleway and we stopped a couple of times to let the Alpaca have a leafy treat.

Eliza with

Our walk lasted around 45 minutes and then it was time to feed them.

We started by feeding the alpaca we walked, Megatron, and Posh Charles, before heading into the fields to meet some of their other animals.

We found the female alpaca were a lot more boisterous than their male counterparts, but all were gentle, even with little hands.

Unfortunately, due to the local outbreak of Avian flu, we couldn’t feed the chickens, but we did also feed their goats.

Once we had made sure that everyone had been fed, we got the opportunity to pose with our new friends for some photo’s.

The whole experience lasted 90 minutes and the kids all agreed that they cannot wait to do it again.

Top Tips:

Dress appropriately for a farm with wellies and waterproofs – we witnessed sun, rain and blustery winds during our walk, which is extremely muddy in places, especially in winter months.

Take bin bags / old carrier bags to pop your boots in when you get back to the car and a change of shoes to wear home.

Check out the Hope Farm facebook page for more information about their services. They also offer seasonal events and birthday parties.

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    Samantha Donnelly

    February 23, 2022

    I am so jealous, this is something I would love to do, and keep seeing these more and more am going to have to look into doing it at some stage

  2. Reply

    Sarah Stockley

    February 24, 2022

    I love this! My daughter used to be obsessed with llamas and alpacas. My brother had done a llama walk before and he really enjoyed it.

  3. Reply


    June 8, 2023

    They look absolutely adorable, even though their beige fur getting muddy takes away some of their charm. It’s a pity that, just like children, they can’t slip on some wellies to protect their feet! Nonetheless, their innate cuteness shines through, showcasing their playful and endearing nature. The sight of these alpacas, despite their muddy adventures, brings smiles and warmth to my heart.

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