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5 Interesting Facts About Wood

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December 6, 2021

Wood is famous for its reliability, durability, and versatility. It is a natural raw material that helps to produce essentials like furniture, houses, papers, and more.

The material offers biodegradable and carbon-positive properties. It is both recyclable and renewable with natural insulation potential. It also plays a significant role in health, well-being, and fire performance!

Besides the innumerable benefits, there are certain facts about woods that make it more useful. This includes:

#1 Wood Has Good Impact on Living Organism

As it’s sourced from trees, woods are better than other synthetic materials. It is eco-friendly in nature and does not require chemicals for production. Wood has a positive influence on living organisms like plants, animals, and human beings.

In humans, wood serves as a source of fuel, tools, building material, etc. It provides sheltering, exploring, and nest building benefits to animals. It also acts as a nutrient-conducting tissue for trees and plants. 

#2 Wood is Efficient for Student’s Progress in Class

An Austrian School performed a study to test the effect of wood on student’s health and academic life. During their research, they divided the students into two groups and asked them to study the same subject. 

In the end, students from wooden class showed better progression in studies than those from linoleum and plasterboard structures. This is a clear implication that wood can help in better learning. 

Likewise, wood shows positive effects on health conditions like blood pressure, heart rate, stress, and anxiety. It aids in more focus and creativity in people. It also contributes to better social interactions and human development.

#3 Wood Regulates Humidity

Wooden construction moderates the humidity and improves the indoor air quality. If you reside in log cabins uk, its hygrothermal property can regulate temperature and relative humidity. It  provides thermal comfort and ensures efficient energy consumption.

#4 Wood Evokes a Comfortable Environment

As per Canadian scientists, wood grains and colour generates a comfortable environment. If you touch or walk on a wooden surface, it feels warmer than other materials.It gives the same feel as that of hovering in nature. 

It also influences the indoor climate (positively) by absorbing carbon dioxide. Wood generates a cozy and breathable atmosphere for living.  

#5 Wood Has the Potential to Combat Natural Disasters

Wood is famous for its long-lasting properties. It tends to face drastic tremors of natural disasters like earthquakes. It can also withstand hurricanes, floods, and high winds.

An experiment led by Japan shows that wooden houses are more resistant to earthquakes than other materials like bricks and concrete. Its elasticity ensures that the building lies stagnant and robust for long. Hence, wood makes the ideal building material for places that are prone to such calamities.

To Conclude

So, these were some interesting facts about wood. Additionally, the material is known for its aesthetic values, climatic benefits, and high load-bearing capacity. 

Assembling wooden buildings does not generate much noise. This means less noise pollution and more environmental benefits. It also requires limited time and money for construction.


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