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5 Things to Know When Buying an Electric Mobility Scooter for Travel

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December 6, 2021

When you have mobility problems, it can impact your enjoyment of simple things like going on holiday. If you ever wanted to be able to go anywhere that you want, no matter the terrain or obstacles, without needing a car for transportation, you might think it is impossible. Well, it is possible with a mobility scooter. This means that when you travel, you aren’t limited while out and about. However, there’s a lot of confusion about what an electric mobility scooter is and how it works. And if it doesn’t work as well as planned, you’ll need to know how to fix it so that next time will be better than the first. This blog post covers some of the things you need to know before your come in and buy one!

Electric Mobility Scooters take batteries 

The first thing people usually notice about these mobility scooters is that they run on batteries. (Well, that’s if they notice anything other than the actual mobility scooter riding itself.) People tend to buy based on the size of the motor based on their own weight. If you are heavier, chances are you’ll need more power. Be aware that if your weight is above the average weights stated in these specs, be prepared to buy a new battery! 

Electric Mobility Scooters are not all created equal

You can’t just look at one and think that it’s the same as another just because it looks identical. Most all-electric mobility scooters run on 24 volts of battery power, but many go above and beyond this basic spec. If you want a high-quality electric mobility scooter, you’ll want a high-quality battery. Otherwise, a cheap little 12-volt motor may not be good enough for your weight and style of travel.

Electric Mobility Scooters are not cheap

The price for a new mobility scooter can be as little as £700 to many £1000s, although there are often sales and discounts on them. Keep in mind that their size does dictate how many miles (or kilometres) they can go per charge. This mobility scooter will go about 4 miles before you need to refill the battery with power from an outlet. If you have a large family or take long trips, you need to factor in the cost of gas, as well as the maintenance on tires and brakes. These things can add up to a lot of miles a week!

Always think about safety

If you want to feel safe when going out on an electric mobility scooter, it needs safety features. Most all-electric mobility scooters come with hand-brakes and a braking system that will stop most types of movement. You should also ensure you have the most suitable mobility scooter tyres for the terrain you will cover. Having these features also helps prevent damage to your scooter from bumps and falls.

Electric Mobility Scooters are fun, both indoors and out

Many of these mobility scooters can be used anywhere. They are also great for people who have disabilities or who just want to get outside without worrying about mobility. The range of mobility scooters available is increasing. There is no reason why mobility issues should stop anyone from getting out and about, whether it’s a local journey or the trip of a lifetime.

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