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6 Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips

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January 2, 2021

As 2021 begins, you are probably hoping to make plans for the rest of the year however, as the Coronavirus pandemic is still very much present and the issue of climate change is also something of a controversial topic, you might be wondering if you’ll ever get to go away on holiday again. While you might be limited on what you can plan or book at the moment, you could still start thinking of ideas that would make your holiday COVID-safe or eco-friendly, or even better, it could be both. 

Keep It Local

To start with, going on holiday or taking a break doesn’t mean you have to go far. What it means is a change of scenery, a break from work, and some time relaxing and having fun with your loved ones or on your own. You could be half an hour away from your home in a town or village or in the countryside and still feel like you’ve escaped. You’ll be surprised at places that are on your doorstep that you never go to, there might be a glamping site nearby, some lovely B&Bs or eco lodges which would be fun to stay in. Have a look at where you could go that isn’t too far away and this way you will be helping to stop the spread of COVID, you won’t be traveling in the car for long or having to go anywhere by plane and while you’re there, you can make an effort to drink locally brewed beer and locally made wine. This isn’t just good for the environment as it cuts down on drink mileage, but you’ll probably find that they are better quality beverages and at a lower price. The same rules apply when it comes to the food you eat while you’re away, if you stick to local produce, you’ll be doing the environment a favour. 

Choose Your Transport Wisely

Wherever you are going, even if it is at a distance, consider your transport. Even if you are going abroad, could you drive there? Take a road trip and share the driving with your friends and family. If you’re traveling alone though, it’s actually more eco-friendly to fly than it would be to drive a long distance. Or could you take a boat or a train? Or even a few different modes of transport. It might make your journey a little longer but it could also be more fun too. Also, while you are away, use public transport where possible as this is one of the best things you can do for the environment as it means you’re not creating any additional carbon emissions from private transport. It will also add to your travel experience and give you opportunities to interact with locals and to see things you might not otherwise see. 

Be At Home In A Hotel

When you’re away on holiday, it doesn’t mean that all your manners and the rules that you have at home should go out the window. If you’re staying in a hotel then you can still do your bit for the environment simply by acting like you would at home. For example, you don’t need clean towels every day, so make sure you hang them up so that the cleaning staff doesn’t think they need replacing. Take showers rather than baths to save water and don’t forget to turn off the TV, the lights, and aircon when you leave the room.

Always Recycle

Recycling is universal and just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter anymore. It does. Find out if there are recycling bins where you are staying and what their policy and plan is. As mentioned earlier, do as you would do at home, because the environment is still the environment even if you’re having a holiday. 

Avoid Bottled Water

Plastic bottles account for a lot of waste, so remember to take your water bottle and find water filters to fill them up with safe water.

Choose A Green Destination

If you really want to feel like you’re doing some good, then when you’re deciding where to go, make it part of your search and visit places that are eco-friendly themselves. There are many countries and cities focussed on combating climate change and preserving their local ecosystems. If you go to these countries or cities for your holidays then you are supporting them and boosting their economy which is a big step in protecting the planet. 

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    April 29, 2021

    Hi Kara – so where are those amazing places on the 2 photos within on your post: “6 eco-friendly holiday tips”?

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