8 Campervan holiday ideas for all the family

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July 19, 2022

Taking a holiday as a family creates a special moment for the family to bond by taking part in different activities together. The key limitation is the accommodation as many hotels don’t allow children or pets or both. The best way to have a fulfilling family holiday that’s engaging and with less limitation is by having a campervan. The following article outlines the top 8 campervan holiday ideas that are suitable for the whole family.

Hike And Mountain Climbs

Hiking and mountain climbing is a very fun activities and also a form of keeping fit. Taking hikes as a family one needs to ensure the hill is accommodating for every family member. For instance, the family comprises of younger family members, it’s advisable to take a less steep hill to ensure the young hikers don’t get very exhausted. The main aim of participating in the hike or mountain climbing should be for fun. Getting a campervan for the holiday could be from hiring or getting a new or used campervans for sale. Some of the best places for hiking in the UK include The Box Hill Hike.

The Boys - Snowdon

An Outdoor BBQ

One of the most popular outdoor activities that bring the family together is an evening barbecue. While having a family holiday in a campervan, a barbecue comes in handy after a long day of activities. The family comes together to prepare the BBQ outside the campervan with a bonfire beside it. The campervan must have a stable source of energy to keep things running undisrupted. Before embarking on the trip on the campervan, ensure you evaluate between Lifepo4 vs Lithium-ion batteries to ensure you get the best performance.

Bicycle Ridding

Cycling is a very fun family activity most suitable during a family holiday. Bicycle riding also has its rules in the city and also it’s associated with many life-threatening accidents making many discourage bike riding in the city. Safe from being a fun activity, bicycle riding has its health benefits as well. It’s also the best way to safely train the children on bike riding without the fear of accidents.


Participating In Geocaching

Geocaching is a UK activity suitable for people of all ages and is even more convenient for people in campervans. The adventurous activity involves using a mobile phone or any other GPS-enabled gadget. The participants register and log in on the Geocaching app where they follow directions until they get to the target. It’s more like a treasure hunt by solving GPS coordinates. Some of the places to participate in geocaching sites include Dunwich Forest, The Peak District, and Deon among other places.

Making Dawn And Dusk Runs

The best activity for the whole family is participating in a dawn or dusk run. It acts as a way to encourage the entire family to participate in the runs. Participating in dawn or dusk runs has its health benefits for both children and adults. It also gives the family ample time to jog as a team where the adults cultivate the jogging culture among the children.

Swimming Or Surfing At The Beach

During summer, the best way to shed off fatigue is through swimming. It’s a great way to cool off from the scorching heat. Taking a trip on a family holiday during summer and participating in water activities like swimming, fishing and even surfing. With a campervan, it’s convenient to go to a beach or lakeside camping. As a family, you can participate in water activities as well as learn new activities. There are several surfing sites in the UK.

PaddleBoarding Studland

Doing Countryside Walks

Taking countryside walks as a family ensure gives the family time together out of the busy streets in the city. During the walks, the children get the golden chance to learn about different plants and insects. It’s a great way to see the world outside the city. The countryside is always surrounded by the stunning beauty of Mother Nature making them ideal for photography. The footpaths improve technology-free navigation. Some of the places in the UK include Oak Trail in Epping Forest and Chess Valley in the Chilterns.

Participating In Site Seeing

Sightseeing is mainly for travel and explorer lovers. Taking the family sightseeing can be hectic considering it involves moving from one point to the other. Using a campervan can ease things up for the family as it offers home comfort and convenience in transit. The UK is one of the world’s stop-over destinations for people seeking to learn about its history and those going for fun. It has a wide variety of scenic and adventure sites for site seeing. Some of the popular sightseeing places include Stonehenge, the Tower of London, The Roman Baths and the Georgia City of bath among others.


In Summary

Taking part in the above activities during a family campervan holiday helps create a family bond. They also create a time for the family to learn new things that they can’t be taught at home. The campervan also ensures the security of the family and also provides the family with much-needed home comfort.


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