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A Springtime visit to Legoland Windsor

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May 21, 2016

LEGOLAND® Windsor is a fun-filled day out for all the family and is somewhere the whole family enjoys visiting as there is so much to see and do although the park is predominately aimed at children aged 2-12 years old.
Last weekend we took advantage of the lovely weather and headed there for a day of fun to celebrate Isaac’s birthday. We have learned from previous visits that it is impossible to do the whole park in just one day, so made the decision to see and do rides that we have not tried before, with the exception of the Atlantis Submarine Voyage which is all the kids favourite as it takes you on a magical underwater adventure with both LEGO underwater characters and real underwater creatures to see.
We had expected the park to be really busy thanks to the lovely weather, but found ourselves walking on to rides with just a 10 minute queue. We can only assume if was due to the end of the football season and families were staying home to watch their favourite teams.
Surprisingly we had never been on the SkyRider and it turns out we were missing a trick as it gives unrivaled views over the whole of Miniland, with amazing model scenes from Europe and the USA featuring nearly 40 million LEGO® bricks.
Isaac was finally brave enough to try the Squid Surfer which are jet-ski pods, whilst we triggered ‘water bombs’ that explode from the bottom to get them wet. We then joined the Pirates of Skeleton Bay for an action packed stunt show which featured acrobatics, swashbuckling swordplay and some very foolhardy pirates.
Pirate Show Legoland
Eliza was in her element at Heartlake City which was opened last year, posing with all the LEGO Friends. There is a series of adventures to follow plus a brand new ride for this season – Mia’s Riding Adventure which is spinning disk ride that travels backwards and forwards on a curved track.
Lego Friends
Isaac braved the Kingdom of the Pharoah’s to battle his way through this ancient land in search of hidden treasure whilst Sebastian and Eliza prefered the more gentle balloon ride and carousel which was just outside.
Kingdom of the Pharoahs
Having younger children on previous visits, one area we have not really explored before is the Land of the Vikings but it was so much fun. Sebastian adored the Spinning Spider and insisted on making our log spin ever faster.
Spinning Spider
It was perhaps the Vikings River Splash which was the favourite ride of the day and the ride was so empty we literally walked straight on so we ended up doing it three times (and getting drenched).
Viking River Splash
The Jolly Rocker was only braved by the older kids, but the younger ones headed into the Castaway Camp which is a towering forgotten fortress and fearsome battle ships. With high rope-walks, nets and slides that will challenge the most experienced buccaneers, my heart was in my mouth a couple of times as Sebby sped around the highest point.
Castaway Camp
We still haven’t persuaded Isaac on to the log flume or the Knights Quest rollercoaster but maybe next time. We finished off the day at LEGO Star Wars Miniland which is always a firm favourite, especially with my Star Wars mad Hubby and teens and got to see the brand new 2.4 metre wide, 3 metre high Death Star. The scene depicts the Rebel Alliance attack on the moon sized space station in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. As well as the gargantuan 860kg spherical Death Star model, the scene also features 16 Alliance ships swooping to destroy it with sound and light effects triggered by guests.
Death Star
I can highly recommend Legoland Windsor as the perfect place to visit with the family. Some of the rides with longer queues have LEGO on tap for the kids to play with or interactive displays to keep them entertained.
For busier days I would recommend getting the Q-Bot, which is a ride reservation device and allows you to reserve your place in the queue line for your favourite rides without having to actually stand in line, however it does cost a minimum of £20 per person so can really add to the cost of the day out.

Ticket prices cost from £37 if bought online in advance, but keep your eye out for cereal box and other offers which offer BOGOF deals.
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    May 21, 2016

    Awesome! Looks like you all had a great day out 🙂

  2. Reply

    Margaret Gallagher

    May 21, 2016

    Looks fantastic
    My brother and his 2 children are going next bank holiday they are all really excited

  3. Reply


    May 21, 2016

    Legoland is somwhere I’d love to take Blake when he is a little older.

  4. Reply


    May 21, 2016

    We are still very eager to visit, my youngest especially. May be later this year

  5. Reply

    Natalie Jones

    May 22, 2016

    I didn’t realise how much there was to do there! We’re moving closer to Windsor in the summer so it might be a good one to take the kids to!

  6. Reply


    May 22, 2016

    It definitely looks like you picked a great day to go with the weather and you had an amazing time too x

  7. Reply

    Otilia @romanianmum

    May 22, 2016

    it looks like you had a very nice day! Lucky you! We visited Legoland in april last year and it was really chilli!

  8. Reply

    Niki - Play & Learn Every Day

    May 22, 2016

    We love Legoland, but still definitely haven’t been on everything, so it’s nice to read about the other rides that we’ll have to try next time!

  9. Reply


    May 22, 2016

    I love the Q bot idea. Definitely going to visit here in a couple of years with Lucas x

  10. Reply


    May 22, 2016

    I have to say I was put off visiting again as when we went the wait for every ride was at least an hour. If it was just 10 minutes then we’d be back for sure.

  11. Reply

    JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    May 23, 2016

    My son has been asking to go to LEGOLAND recently – we are going to plan a trip nearer to the school summer holidays!

  12. Reply


    May 23, 2016

    I have never been to Legoland before but just looking at this post I am ready to take my nephew as I think we would have fun

  13. Reply

    Hannah Budding Smiles

    May 23, 2016

    I’ve not been there since I was really little so I bet it’s completely different now! I’m looking forward to when my two are old enough to enjoy it xx

  14. Reply

    Michelle Twin Mum

    May 23, 2016

    My family all love a day out to Legoland too, such a family friendly place. Mich x

  15. Reply


    May 23, 2016

    My boys have always loved LEGOLAND. It is a great place for younger kids. You all looked to have had a great time,

  16. Reply

    Coombe Mill - Fiona Cambouropoulos

    May 24, 2016

    So much to do here I have never managed to see it all. Looks like a fun day as always and a great idea to cover some of the rides you usually miss. I don’t think the underwater one was there when we last visited. The pirate show was always my favourite thing. What a beautiful day you choice and hopefully not too busy out of school holidays. Happy birthday to Isaac and thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  17. Reply

    Mrs T

    May 24, 2016

    It’s brilliant at Legoland we find something new each time we go. Think we will head there this bank holiday as we have some vouchers to use. You can’t beat the pirate show! #Countrykids

  18. Reply


    May 25, 2016

    We still haven’t been here yet – I love the idea of Castaway Camp though, I think my boys would love that!

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