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Super Freebies For New Parents And Parents-To-Be!

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May 27, 2024

You, like many other new parents, may be realizing that a new baby sure does wound the wallet! So here come some incredible baby freebies to get that baby budget back up and running.

A Few Freebies For Before Your Little Bundle Has Even Arrived

The Bounty Mum-To-Be Pack. 

Asda, Boots, Kiddicare and Superdrug all stock the Mum-to-be-Pack by Bounty. Not only is it packed with money off vouchers and exclusive promotions to give your pregnancy budget a helping hand, but you’ll also get lots of pregnancy-related samples as a try-before-you-buy offer. The pack also contains a Baby Product Guide by Bounty, crammed with expert reviews on various baby products from all budget ranges.

Emma’s Diary 

This is another great source of Mum-to-be-Packs, with baby products from Johnsons, Pampers and extra bonuses when you join for free.

Prescriptions and Dental Treatment Are Free. 

Both during your pregnancy, and for one year after your baby is born, you are entitled to free prescriptions and dental care. Your health visitor, midwife or doctor will be able to give you the appropriate form so that you can get a Maternity Exemption Certificate. In Scotland, so long as you’ve completed your registration with the Minor Ailment Service, you will likely not need a prescription to get your entitlement of free medicine for a minor ailment during pregnancy. 

Get Yourself Free Baby Equipment And Clothes. 

Care Confidential is a charity that can offer support if you are on a low income. Below you’ll find a list showing the centres which offer free baby equipment and clothes.

Enjoy Free Pregnancy Books. 

Websites like and offer free pregnancy books, as well as books for children. Your health visitor will also provide you with a free Bookstart baby pack within your baby’s first year.

Entitlement To Free Fruit, Vegetables, Milk And Vitamins.

If you are entitled to certain benefits and are a minimum of 10 weeks pregnant or have a child who is under the age of four, the ‘Healthy Start’ scheme may provide you with infant formula, vitamins, milk, fruit and vegetables for free.

Get Yourself A Contraction Timer For Free

baby freebies uk

This software can be used to time your contractions when the big day has finally arrived.

Freebies For Once Your Little Bundle Has Arrived

Child Benefit Entitlement

The current entitlement for child benefit begins as soon as your baby is born. As soon as you have your baby’s birth certificate, you can complete the necessary form. For your first child you will receive £20.70/week, for each child after that you have an entitlement of £13.70.

For families where one parent has a yearly salary of over £50,000, child benefit is restricted. If one of the parents earns in excess of £60,000 then they are not entitled to any Child Benefit.

Free Assistance For Crying And Colic

This free guide to baby massage gives clear instructions on how to massage and swaddle your baby, techniques which can provide much relief from crying and colic. You may find that you are awake far too often during the night with your little one, in which case sign up for the free 30-day trial at and download Samuel L. Jackson reading a laugh-out-loud novel. It’s a good attempt to keep your sanity intact!

You May Qualify For Tax Credits

According to the HMRC, 90 percent of families are entitled to tax credits, however approximately 1.4 million don’t claim them. Granted the rules are a little complicated, but the bottom line is that two types are available: Working Tax Credit (you may be entitled to up to £1,960, plus £2,010 each year for a couple or a single parent). The second type is the Child Tax Credit (you may be entitled to up to £545 for each family, with an additional £2,780 for each child, per year). It’s well worth finding our if you qualify.

Free Nappies Galore

Both Huggies and Pampers will provide you with a free Jumbo box of nappies,, all you need to do is sign up at Free Nappies and refer a friend. Greenty will also happily provide you with freebie of Greenty ‘Tea Therapy’.

By signing up to Mum and Baby online, you’ll also be entitled to a host of other freebies.

The Top Baby Freebies Continue!

Free Recipes For Your Baby

Enjoy this free organic baby weaning folder full of recipes and advice. Free samples and gifts may also be available.

Get-Together Informally With Other New Parents And Parents-To-Be

The National Childbirth Trust organizes Bumps & Babies events, most are free, but a few will charge a small fee to cover their expenses.

Free Baby Tooth Chart

A free print out that let’s you record your baby’s teething journey.

Free Cream For Nappy Rash

All you need to do is complete a simple survey and you’ll get your hands on a sample of Bepanthen ointment for nappy rash. This claims to be suitable even for premature babies with sensitive skin.

Free Help For Potty Training

You may feel like you are the one going potty during potty-training! Instead make use of a free chart and stickers for potty training. You can also get help with bed-wetting by grabbing yourself a free sample of DryNites Pyjama Pants, in fact you’ll even receive a £1 off voucher for your next purchase.

Check out for a complimentary mailing pack which includes a weaning spoon.

Johnson’s Baby provide money-off vouchers, as well as expert tips on changing nappies and baby massage.


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