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Celebrating 20 years of Winchester Science Centre WOW moments

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February 24, 2022

Winchester Science Centre is 20 years old in 2022 and to celebrate they’re bringing back some of the best shows and demos from the past 20 years all with a retro 2002 twist!

Until 13th March you can join the audience of their very own noughties cooking show, Science Chefs where they cook with curiosity and find out all about the chemical reactions of snacks.

Did you know that cooking and chemistry have lots in common?

The show explores the chemistry of snacks and how different foods supply your body with different amounts of energy and all demonstrated with the use of fire!!

Laila engaged the kids straight from the beginning of the show and began by setting light to a Dorito, which was surprisingly flammable, before moving on to corn flour, sugar and finishing with oil.

As well as the Science Chefs show, there are also Science Live pop up shows every 20 minutes in the centre of the building.

We saw two different science live shows, one creating a fireball and another demonstrating the power of gravity.

Of course, the science centre is packed full of interactive science exhibits, that the kids can get involved with.

There are several different areas to explore, including sound, hearing and vibration, space and bringing research to life, which shows real life discoveries that are being made in universities right now and the kids loved getting stuck in with the various experiments and exhibits.

There is also the chance to fly through the stars in the Planetarium, with two new shows. We learned all about the constellations in the night sky, before flying around our solar system.

Pre-booking is essential and tickets cost £13.20 per person, with children under 3, free at

A visit to Winchester Science Centre is one of our favourite days out and there always new exhibits to try each visit.

Have you been to Winchester Science Centre before?

Disclaimer: We were guests of Winchester Science Centre for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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    Kim Carberry

    February 24, 2022

    What a fun place to visit, educational too. The shows look and sound brilliant. x

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