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Do you have a new baby? Read these 8 useful tips on saving money!

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July 12, 2021

Every parent to be goes through panic for a while, considering all the added expenses the new baby brings. Did you know that there are simple things you can do that will save you so pennies? 

Yes, what you’ve seen happening to your friends (or in the comedy movies) when the baby arrived, will happen to you too! You will find yourself running from home to the supermarket to buy nappies or other baby stuff many times a week, you will transform your guest room in a peaceful nursery, you will look and feel messy for a while, but hey, becoming a parent is no joke. Still, the most important change is the one related to your finances. Now don’t panic. There are at least 8 things you can do to help your monthly budget. Read below: 

1. Avoid formula and stick to home made food 

Baby food is kind of expensive and it weights into your monthly budget. But don’t forget the most important thing: breastfeeding is the most nourishing way to feed your child and also it comes for free. You can at least get rid of this expense for the first months.  

The time will come that your baby will need to move from milk only; to a more enriched diet that includes food. When he does, do not spend a lot of money on pre made food in those little jars with those big brands names. You can easily prepare smashed vegetables land fruits and keep them in the freezer. This way you will also have pre-cooked meals waiting for you.  

Try to buy organic fruits and vegetables for your babies. They are safer when it comes to pesticide counts.  

2. Re-using baby clothes 

Newborns end up having sometimes more clothes than their own parents. Yes, it is true (consider all the gifts from all the childless parents that consider any newborn’s cloth too cute not to buy it for your baby), they receive many gifts and they do grow up so quickly so many of their clothes remain unused or barely used. This happens for older ages too like 9-12 months.  

3Don’t miss the freebies 

There are many free stuff you can get for your baby, like a changing bag from the Boots parenting club, coupons, free samples free wipes if you buy two packs of nappies etc. Keep always an opened eye on those websites and supermarket offers, you don’t want to miss any free stuff you can get for your baby. Also, there are many guides and updated articles online that teach you where exactly you should go and benefit for freebies. 

4Learn to deal without 

Companies produce all sorts of products, some of which are essentials and others are just fancy ones we usually adore as they look cute and seem a relief. Keep in mind that there are also many things you can live without or easily substitute. Ask yourself if you really need some expansive tool like a fancy changing table when you can actually change your baby on a simple mat on your bed. 

5Childcare schemes 

Don’t underestimate the financial power of childcare vouchers that your employer provides you due to your working scheme. You can use them for child-minders or nurseries and they can add up to £1,000 to your yearly budget. Both parents can claim for it. Keep in mind that from 2017 a new Tax-Free Childcare scheme will launch, which will offer up to £2,000 per child as financial support in a year. 

6. Need a nanny? Consider sharing 

If you have to go back at work, or you already have one or two other toddlers and feel like a little help wouldn’t harm anyone, but you cannot really afford to have a nanny you might consider the nanny sharing. It is cost effective and there are many websites like nannyshare that come in handy to find available nannies for which you can split the cost with other families. 

7Child benefits can result of a big help 

There are child benefit programs running from the government to help low income families with their financial situation when they have a new child. You need to check if you’re eligible, what is the actual benefit and what can you do to apply for it. You can also download a claim form here and see if the UK Government considers you eligible for financial support. 


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