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Get Excited for New Vinyl Flooring

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January 29, 2021

Making any changes to your domestic space is cause for excitement. Deciding to bring about a change within your home, whether it be little or large, opens the door of opportunity and creative flare.

Renovating a whole room is even more of a reason to be thrilled at the new feeling that room, and your house, will have. Options of wallpaper or paint, blinds or curtains, authentic wood flooring or laminate can bring about a significant enthusiasm for embarking on your new project. Previous experience with rejuvenating your home may bring about a reminder to start from the floor up.

Set the Standard

Though you may not be overly concerned with your flooring initially, you should remember how the flooring in the reworked room will be used.

If you’re dealing with a room prone to heavy foot traffic such as the kitchen or hallway, diverting away from softer flooring materials like carpet will be a great initial investment in your renovation project. Similarly, hardwood or tile options will prove to be futile against frequent footfall, or our four-legged friends’ muddy paws. This is the main reason you would be wise to opt for something more versatile and sustainable like, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Luvanto will not only be durable but also really impressive. You are going to be well within your budget in opting for a flooring which comes with a plethora of unique benefits. You’ll be able to cover every square inch in luxury vinyl flooring and still have budget left over for your furnishings. Don’t worry about looking like you have skimped on your flooring, because Luvanto looks and feels just like real wood and tile flooring.

Making Your House a Home

Does the fear of pets and children running your flooring prevent you from investing in something irresistible? Well, Luvanto vinyl flooring is a two-birds-one-stone flooring option. Your flooring will look outstanding no matter which of their many luscious shades or style options you go for. The anti-scratch and anti-slip surface layer keeps your flooring and ALL your family members safe. 

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is number one in the flooring market today for reason. This wonderful flooring brand offers the best durability thanks to modern manufacturing techniques which make it long lasting. It doesn’t just remain sustainable but also adds comfort to each and every step you take.

A Floor for All 

It’s time to forget the hassle of cleaning up spills, mud and debris. Luvanto’s other benefits lie in its ability to deter dirt and moisture from seeping below the surface and warping the tiles and planks. Instead, everything will hover on the surface until you have a moment to brush and mop it all away. 

Luvanto was once the new kid on the block in the flooring marketing but now it is dominating over its competitors’ plank-by-plank. Luvanto wants you to enjoy all your special moments at home without having to worry about domestic chores. That’s why it’s been developed to invigorate your creativity and set aside the fret caused by accidents and the results of bad weather that can be walked into the home on the soles of our shoes.

If you’re eager to get started on your home renovation, Luvanto luxury vinyl tile will be a step in the right direction. 


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