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Hosting a Distinctive Party in the Home

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July 28, 2022

Among the many qualities that make vinyl so perfect for any kind of party on your radar, the knowledge that it won’t be affected by a crowd, spills and heavy-duty clean-up is a great comfort. 

Party Time

If you are a regular party host and have plenty of people around, then Distinctive flooring is the option for you to maintain strong, durable flooring throughout a lifetime.

Being easy to clean after a busy night –  no matter if there are footprints or spilt wine – Distinctive is a quality vinyl product so that you are not spending the morning after on hands and knees scrubbing spilt alcohol out of a carpet. Instead, you are simply sweeping, sponging and mopping the floor within a matter of minutes, giving much freedom to your day.

With the perfect underlayer to vinyl being underfloor heating, those nights can get even cosier even if it’s a particularly chilly get-together.


If you are a dedicated fitness freak and like to work out and get running before the day starts, vinyl flooring offers you that same warm comfort from getting straight out of bed to even that first-morning shower. 

With high moisture resistance and anti-slip properties, you can get out of the shower or bath and not worry about the durability of your floor. Your subfloor will not suffer from the elements with a quick clean-up before leaving the house for work, saving a lot of time and fret over its wearing or loosening. Be sure not to leave large water puddles on the floor as they can affect if unattended to.


No matter what your furniture and fixtures are, vinyl can match to make it look like a fully connected design.

If you like to be consistent with the look or like to highlight specific features of a room, the many designs, textures and palettes available within Distinctive vinyl flooring can complement a feel of connection. If you have wooden fixtures try wooden vinyl and if your sideboards have a look of slate then choose the flooring style to match.


If you love to present your home with some personal character, you can decorate based on your vibes and personality.

Luxury vinyl flooring such as the Distinctive range offers plenty of scope for character whether you prefer abstract or very vibrant colour schemes, you can find wild varieties to highlight a sense of uniqueness.

If you want to be the life of the party, let Distinctive, such as grey oak flooring, be the host with the stability and assurance vinyl flooring provides.


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