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Looking for some fun time in Yorkshire? Here are some entertaining activities to keep you busy 

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February 12, 2024

Whether you love Yorkshire for its delicious tea infusions, the Wensleydale cheese or for being the birthplace of the Bronte family, the historic county has a lot to offer for visitors and its citizens. The cuisine is one of the most delicious, and the culture is diverse wherever you look. 

Despite its considerable size, the County of York can be seen as monotonous for someone who has lived here for long, as all places become after a while. Citizens are also troubled by the high number of travellers who managed to shake the market and increase house prices, especially during the holiday season. 

If you’re one of the many tourists choosing to visit one of Yorkshire’s towns, it would be best to blend in and not disturb the locals by making too much noise, partying, or parking poorly since these are common complaints. You can have plenty of fun by being respectful and calm, so here are some great activity ideas if you don’t know where to find entertainment. 

Having an immersive VR experience 

VR (virtual reality) activities have increased in popularity recently, as the technology behind them is so advanced that it makes any digital experience close to real life. You can interact with objects and engage with people pretty well, so VR gaming is highly appreciated. 

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

If you’re interested in the VR movement, you can try some  amazing VR Simulators in Leeds that are perfect for enjoying with family, friends or co-workers as teambuilding activities. Upon reaching the place, a host will welcome you and guide you toward the impressive VR game selection and the rules. You can choose from VR escape rooms, battles and horror experiences. You can also travel through space here and fight aliens in an attempt to save Earth. 

VR goggles and a controller/weapon will be provided, and you’ll be able to explore new worlds and have the time of your life within two large fields of 9×9 meters. 

Enjoying a family day out at Stockeld Park 

Located near Wetherby, Stockeld Park is best for families with kids because it offers varied activities. The Park offers so much for children, from fun to educational things to do, that you’ll find it difficult to leave without them trying out everything. 

Photo by Ebun Oluwole on Unsplash

Your kids can go ice skating in a covered facility from where you can admire the Enchanted Forest. Skate aids are available for those who haven’t mastered them yet. Another exciting activity is exploring the Playhive, a massive indoor playground with high-level walkways, spiralling tunnels, and interactive games suitable for every age, from toddlers to 16-year-old kiddos. Visiting the Enchanted Forest and getting through the Magical Forest are included in the Playhive. If you want to gift someone’s children one of the best things ever, you can also purchase a New Year Winter Membership for unlimited access to this facility. 

Regardless, the Playhive has plenty of activities for which you need to book your visit, so check their website for prices, updates and availability. 

Finding the cat statues in the Black Cat Trail 

If you find yourself in the city centre of York, find the Low Petergate, the street where you can have an intriguing hunting experience alone or with friends searching for the 23 cat statues. Some of the oldest statues were placed around the street from the early 1920s, hidden in plain sight. 

Initially, the cat statues were established to scare away rats and mice, but some considered cats to ward off evil spirits, which is why they played an essential part in Yorkshire’s history

The Black Cat Trail includes cats of all colours, so don’t let yourself be fooled by its name. A good starting point for the trip is the Cat Gallery in Low Petergate, from where you can purchase a map. Then, the trail starts from the gallery and takes you around the city’s attractions, such as the Yorkshire Museum, Coney Street or the Shambles, where you must look carefully around the location to see the cats. Typically, most are difficult to spot, but we’re offering a tip ―look up!. 

Ghosting around town 

Some say that Yorkshire is one of the most haunted cities in the world, so if you’re a horror enthusiast, this is the right place for you. Many tragedies occurred around town during the last decades, so there are a few creepy locations to visit here. 

You can start with the Annison Funeral Parlour in Hull, now a pharmacy. The staff never goes beyond the first floor of the building, as the abandoned rooms were used during the funeral parlour. Another notable mention is the Ripon Workhouse Museum in Ripon, which has a distressed history. Now, you can catch a glimpse of how the active workhouse operated back then, and if you’re lucky, you might encounter the Gordon ghost. Finally, the regular house from number 30 East Drive in Pontefract is remarkable because its paranormal activity was recorded after numerous investigations. One of the families who lived here for a while had to seek help to escape the evil spirits haunting them, but these actions were unsuccessful. 

If you’re scared to visit the place, you can prepare by watching a YouTube video of courageous people staying the night at a location and see what’s the deal about. Plenty of online investigations are available for everyone, so if it’s not on your to-do lists, you can find more about it remotely, from the comfort of your own home.

What do you think about these fun activities? 

Yorkshire is an impressive county with different backgrounds of culture and history, so exploring it can be an adventure. However, if you’re inclined to experience fun activities, there are plenty of locations with entertaining things to do, such as VR simulators, remarkable parks for children, and even horror activities. Just make sure that you respect the locals and be wary of your impact on the environment. This way, you’ll be appreciated in “God’s own country” and have lots of fun!


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