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Things to consider when planning for your retirement

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January 26, 2021

If your retirement plans are currently non-existent, then you might want to start taking notes. Failing to plan for your retirement means that the idyllic image of spending your sunset years, financially comfortable, spending time doing the things you love and enjoying a carefree, work-free life will always remain just a figment of your imagination.

Planning for your retirement requires time and dedication and a commitment to saving for the years ahead. Not everyone has the means to set aside hundreds of pounds each month for their retirement funds, but the sooner you start saving, the more time you have to secure your financial future and the stronger your financial position will be.

Do you know what planning for your retirement involves? Here we’ll explore what to consider when you’re planning your future.

Supplementing your workplace pension

The average person has around 12 jobs in their lifetime, and you may have had pension schemes with each employer. That means you could have retirement funds saved in various accounts that you’ve forgotten even existed. By bringing together all your pension pots with Wealthify and their self-invested personal pension, you can supplement your current workplace pension and have your savings work for you as you head towards retirement age. You choose your investment amount and the investment style that suits you, which means you can grow your pension fund effortlessly. Don’t delay your retirement plans any further, click the link to speak with the experts.

Know your expenses

Do you know the cost of your current living expenses? You’ll need to understand your current living costs and plan for your retirement, as you’ll still have to pay for the basics. Food bills, medicines and care, your rent/mortgage payments, bills etc. Start by determining how much your monthly expenses cost and then you’ll be able to make accurate and well-informed retirement plans for the future and figure out how much you’re going to need to cover the basics.

Consider other sources of income

Retirement doesn’t always mean you’re no longer earning an income. In fact, many retirees look for other ways to earn an income and keep their pension pots topped up. From freelance work to renting out spare rooms in your home, equity release, even taking on a part-time job, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to income after employment.

Pay off those debts

Heading into retirement with unpaid debts and outstanding credit card payments hanging over you will certainly put a damper on your retirement years, and it means less of your money is yours to play with and enjoy. As well as focusing on your retirement plans, taking your debts seriously and paying them off before you hit retirement age is crucial.

And finally, think about what you want to do

Retirement years are filled with autonomy. Your time is yours! So, deciding how you want to spend those years can help you develop a retirement plan and ensure you have the funds needed to enjoy your golden years.


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