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Travelling While Pregnant: Top Tips

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July 16, 2018

If you choose to travel while pregnant, there are plenty of considerations to bear in mind – your health as well as that of your baby is paramount. Here are some top tips to bear in mind to ensure smooth sailing when you’re travelling while pregnant.


Pack efficiently

There are extra considerations to take when packing for your holiday. Pack everything you need for a more comfortable trip, whether it be compression socks to limit swelling during your flight or even ginger lollies to combat nausea.

Remember the medication you might need, too. Whether it’s Panadol for the inevitable headaches or acid reflux tablets, you’ll want to ensure you don’t fall ill during what should be a chilled out travel experience.


Choose a sensible destination

Choose a destination that won’t prove to be unsuitable – consider yourself as well as your baby. Don’t choose anywhere too hot, for example, as it may cause complications as well as discomfort.

And don’t travel anywhere too far, as plane journeys are typically uncomfortable and dragging at the best of times. Consider somewhere with a cooler climate than the typical beach holiday destinations – Spain and the South of France are safe bets for a bearable trip.

Travelling when pregnant

Make sure your travel partners understand

Whoever you’re travelling with, whether it be your significant other, family members or friends, needs to understand the considerations to take into account whilst you’re pregnant. It becomes much easier to have a relaxed trip if you can take a backseat.

Make sure you don’t bear the brunt of the holiday – hand over all possible responsibilities to somebody else for the duration of your stay. Stress is not healthy for you or your baby, so it’s important people understand and take the weight off your shoulders.


Ensure your accommodation is a sensible choice

Don’t skimp on accommodation if you can help it. You’ll want to stay somewhere that’s as well-equipped and comfortable as possible, and if it means paying a higher amount than you’re used to, it’ll likely be worth it. Ensure there are facilities that you can rely on for a stress-free and comfortable stay.

Book accommodation close to the airport to make the transfer as easy as possible. Be sure you can get around easily with elevators and escalators, and research beforehand to make sure there are medical facilities nearby, just in case of an emergency.

Martinhal Cacais

Take it easy

Last but not least, don’t push yourself. A holiday whilst pregnant has plenty of potential to be difficult, but so long as you don’t overdo it you’ll be in for an opportunity to chill out. Consider going during your second or third trimester for the maximum potential to take it slow and enjoy a period of pure relaxation.

Do you have any tips for pregnant travellers? Have you done it yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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