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Worst Witch Live at the Mayflower – Review

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March 8, 2019

Eliza is my little bookworm and devours entire books in a couple of days.

Her current favourite book series is The Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy, which I have fond memories of reading when I was at school.

If you have not read any of the books, in a time before a certain boy wizard was even a twinkle in the eye, Mildred Hubble was a trainee witch at Miss Cackle’s Academy, and she made an awful mess of it. She was always getting her spells wrong and she couldn’t even ride a broomstick without crashing it.

Now, the Mildred Hubble has made it to the stage in Worst Witch Live, which is currently on tour in the UK, and we were lucky enough to see it at The Mayflower in Southampton on Wednesday evening.

Just before the show started, some of the cast of the show appeared in the aisles and were happily chatting to kids as they wandered up and down. Eliza did hide from Miss Hardbroom as she has a fearsome reputation and looked rather scary, but thankfully it was soon time for the show to start and her to head back onstage.

The story is set with Mildred, now in her final year of Miss Cackle’s Academy, putting on a school play about her accident prone start at a school that is most certainly out of the ordinary, with lessons including casting spells, brewing potions, riding broomsticks and training cats.

It was a brilliant way of introducing the story and the characters to the audience and all our favourites were in the play, including Maud, Ethel, Enid and Tabby.

The story was set in and around Miss Cackle’s Academy, with clever set changes, a rocking house-band on stage and some fun song and dance routines, making it part play, part musical.

There were even some clever acrobatics thrown in for good measure, during their broomstick flying demonstration in the first half.

We loved Mildred and her beloved puppet cat Tabby, Ethel was brilliant as her acid-tongued rival, but it was the actress playing Miss Cackle (Polly Lister) that truly stole the show with her brilliant portrayal of Ada and Agatha, Miss Cackle’s evil twin who was intent on spoiling the show.

From a half and half wardrobe to arguing with herself, a clever solo song which showcased the divisions between the sisters and some over-the-top magic tricks she was amazing.

The show was aimed perfectly at a young audience, keeping them entertained with magic and laughter, interacting with them by coming into the audience and asking them to help perform a magical chant when it looked like the chips were really down and evil Agatha was on the verge of winning.

Isaac and Eliza both adored the show, stating it was “AWESOME” and we have come away with the program and a promise to make them each their own cat puppet, just like the ones in the show.

The Worst Witch Live is the perfect introduction to theatre for kids and costs from £19.50 and is on at the Mayflower Theatre until Sunday 10th March 2019, before heading back off on tour of the UK – head to for tour dates and locations.

Disclaimer: We were gifted tickets to see the Worst Witch Live for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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    March 8, 2019

    This sounds like an excellent show! I’d love to take the kids. I think we’d have a great time!

  2. Reply


    March 9, 2019

    Kids would love to enjoy this show for sure, it has some Harry Potter vibes too.

  3. Reply

    Fashion and Frappes

    March 9, 2019

    I have never heard of these books surprisingly! They sound like the perfect mix of Harry Potter and Naughtiest Girl. Its definitely fun to watch a show based on books you love.

  4. Reply

    Holly Southern

    March 9, 2019

    Oh my gosh, I still have an old copy of that book!!! What a blast from the past. I love that they made it into a live show! <3

  5. Reply

    John Mulindi

    March 9, 2019

    The show looks interesting and funny! The kids will enjoy this!

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    March 10, 2019

    What a fun place to go to! my kids will definitely like to go here!

  7. Reply

    Kalyan Panja

    March 10, 2019

    I could almost visualize the show from your pics. Nice reading your post.

  8. Reply

    Sara Welch

    March 10, 2019

    My daughters would sure love a show like this! I wish they would travel to the US! You do such a great job at describing your experience; thank you!

  9. Reply

    Beth Pierce

    March 10, 2019

    I wish I could go to the theater as much as you do! I can tell from just reading your posts, how much you really enjoy it! Thank you for sharing!

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    March 10, 2019

    This sounds like a great play, that every child would love. Such a fun thing to do with children.

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    March 10, 2019

    This looks a brilliant night out. Always good to introduce the theatre to young children too xoxo

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    March 10, 2019

    This sounds like a great story. I’m looking forward to my son getting into different stories when he starts school

  13. Reply

    Rebecca Smith

    March 10, 2019

    This sounds like a great show that my kids would enjoy. I loved the TV show when I was younger.

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    March 10, 2019

    This looks like such a fun show. I bet my kids would love it.

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    March 10, 2019

    Aw I wish I had someone to take to watch this! I think I remember the book and it was a fun read. You clearly had a good time.

  16. Reply

    bex allum

    March 10, 2019

    We love the worst witch and hope to see the show in Norwich this year. I read the books as a child and my daughter is now reading them.

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    March 10, 2019

    I remember falling in love with the stories of Mildred Hubble as a child and being utterly engrossed with the series when it was a show. I would love to be able to see the play adaptation and seeing the world brought to life through song and dance. A perfect show for all the family.

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    Sincerely Miss J

    March 10, 2019

    Aww looks like your daughter had a fantastic time at the Worst Witch live show. From your pictures it looks like the show was really good.

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    Yeah Lifestyle

    March 10, 2019

    I wish we lived closer to London as I know my daughter would totally have loved to go watch this in person. So glad you all had a great time at the show.

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    March 10, 2019

    I’ve never heard of it but it sounds and looks like such a fun live performance!

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    March 11, 2019

    Gosh, it looks so amazing. I had watched the series with my girls. I would definitely be so happy to take them there, maybe more than my actual kids would be lol

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    March 11, 2019

    This looks like a great show for the whole family! The photos are awesome and fun!

  23. Reply


    March 11, 2019

    What a great experience for the kids! The cast going down the aisle and chatting is seriously beautiful! Lucky!

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    March 11, 2019

    Wow what an amazing show. Sounds extremely entertaining. My kids would love it.

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