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10 reasons to visit Malta

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November 29, 2021

A trip to Malta will make you go back in time and be left in the forgotten beauty of this country in just a few days. Its medieval aura with its stone quarters and castles, temples, picturesque islands and fine dining are just a few of the things you must experience in Malta. If you are looking for a short getaway in Europe with essential sights and natural landscapes, then this article is of interest to you!

To get to know the real Valletta

It is one of the UNESCO protected cities and the capital of Malta. Valletta reminds of a city – museum with dozens of monuments, picturesque alleys with historic buildings, such as the Manoel Theater, the City Gates, the church of St. John, etc. It is also worth walking in the city to see up close the traditional architecture with the houses with the characteristic balconies, be in medieval fortresses, and enjoy your shopping in the open market!

For a walk on the seaside Marsaxlokk

It may be difficult to pronounce, but Marsaxlokk is worth your time. It is a seaside town in southeastern Malta, a former Phoenician colony, as evidenced by its name (Marsa, which means port in Arabic and Xlokk, the southeast wind in the Maltese dialect). It is worth taking a walk by the port to see the colourful traditional fishing boats, double-walled luzzu and painted eyes on the bow.

To walk to Mdina

It is not possible to go to Malta and not meet Mdina. It is the old capital of Malta and will give you a medieval aura and amazing landscapes for your photos. You will also find it as Città Vecchia, where you will find baroque buildings, medieval castles and picturesque alleys with hospitable inhabitants.

At Blue Grotto for the sunset

If you want a romantic note on your trip to Malta, then a stop at Blue Grotto is a must. There you will enjoy one of the best sunsets in the area under the sound of the waves crashing on the imposing rocks. Of course, you can only get there by driving, so make sure you have a vehicle that will take you there. You can turn to the choice of a rental car from the company Enjoy Travel for affordable car offers that perfectly suit your needs.

For a visit to Popeye Village

Live your childhood again in the real scene of your favourite Popeye. The village of Sweethaven in Malta or now known as Popeye Village, will enliven the pages of your favourite comic and make you feel closer to Popeye and Olive in its colourful landscape.

To enjoy baroque architecture in the Rocca Piccola House

It is worth visiting the famous Casa Rocca Piccola in Malta and getting to know the architecture and way of life. Inside you will find objects – antiques, historical documents but information about that time.

For diving in the Blue Lake

Live a little like a shipwreck on the Blue Lake of Malta. The reason for this is the island of Comino, which offers you a pristine natural landscape with clear blue waters to enjoy your dives undisturbed. You will not find cars there, and you will be able to follow the relatively passable paths to explore the area better.

To explore the island of Calypso

This is the island where Odysseus stayed for years, according to Homer. The reason for the island of Gozo or as it is known as the island of Calypso, which will captivate you with its natural beauty. You will be able to visit the famous cave, where Calypso lived with Odysseus, and swim in beautiful beaches.

For a tour of the Hagar Qim temple

Do not leave Malta unless you visit the historic Hagar Qim Temple. It is the best-preserved temple, built exclusively of limestone in Malta. This temple dates from 3,200 BC, and it was probably built by Greek tribes as a base in the Mediterranean.

For fine street food in Malta

To have a complete experience in Malta, it is worth trying their traditional food. Pastizzi are the favourite street food of the locals, while the rabbit and the pasta pies are not missing from their menu.


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