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3 Snow-Sure Ski Resorts in France that are Perfect for Christmas

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March 18, 2022

France is a popular European destination for travellers all around. It doesn’t come as a surprise as the rich history of arts, the stunning buildings and natural landscapes make it hard for tourists to leave. 

Although having a picnic in the French countryside and then strolling to the nearest beautiful beach sounds amazing, visiting a ski resort in France is an awesome experience. Having a part of the Alps in French ground, people have taken advantage of the famous natural element and they have created centres and resorts that provide the perfect wintery adventure to all visitors.

Below you will find three of those ski resorts that are always covered in snow when December comes, so you can safely visit them in order to enjoy white Christmas. 


Resort 1: Sainte Foy

Sainte Foy is a village with a ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley. Unfortunately, it is not widely known because there are some more popular resorts in the area, like Tignes and Les Arc. Nevertheless, Sainte Foy is worth a visit and a stay since there are 26 pistes for skiers of all abilities and a huge forest to explore. Its ski slopes face in the northwest which allows the snow to stay fresh for longer. Even if it stops snowing at some point, Sainte Foy will never be out of snow as there are snow cannons in order to ensure that there is enough snow for everyone to enjoy. Don’t wait any longer and visit Erna Low to book your Christmas holidays in the magical Sainte Foy. 

Resort 2: Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is a popular ski resort among French people and tourists. Besides all the fun activities on- and off-piste, which accommodate all types of skiers, the Glacier du Mont de Lans is its greatest characteristic. This glacier not only provides a breath-taking view but also prevents snow from melting. There is one more element that makes Les Deux Alpes stand out; Unlike all the other ski resorts, the higher you go on the mountains in Les Deux Alpes the easier the pistes become. Thus, beginners should use a lift in order to get closer to the glacier and ski safely there. 

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Resort 3: Arch 2000

Arch 2000 is the highest resort that belongs to the Les Arc system. As its name suggests, it is pretty high on the mountains and this is why it always snows there in winter. Despite its altitude, both beginners and advanced skiers can have fun on its pistes. There are facilities and services for all kinds of needs, from big families with babies and pets to solo travellers who want to enjoy their alone time. 


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