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4 Tips for Growing Your Career

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January 1, 2022

Do you feel like your career is going nowhere fast? You won’t be alone – job satisfaction in the UK has been on the decline for more than five years. 

However, 94% of employees said they would stay in a career that allowed for learning and progression. Why? Because most people want the opportunity to turn their current career into a dream job. 

So, if you get the chance to grow your career, you should take it! Here are just four ways to progress your career and achieve your goals.

  • Be More Personable

It’s important to consider how you come across to your colleagues and managers. Are you friendly? Helpful? Are you always there to make conversation with and volunteer if they need you?

If you’re easy to get along with, then you’ll end up doing better for yourself. Make a conscious effort to befriend your co-workers and help them out if they’re swamped with work. You’ll do wonders at making a good impression, and it can really help you should you look to move up the ladder at your company. 

  • Upgrade Your Qualifications 

When you’re looking to move up a step in your career, either with your current company or a new one entirely, how far you can go is sometimes determined by your level of education. 

Returning to university can be tricky, especially when you have a full-time career. However, when you study as a distance learning student with a university such as Anglia Ruskin University, you can learn on a schedule that suits your needs.

Online learning is perfect for those who need to take the next qualification step before they can take the next career step but can’t drop everything and return to campus.

  • Invest in Your Soft Skills

When we’re looking to move up the career ladder, we often forget to consider the quality of our soft skills. Even if we forget about them, our employers certainly don’t. For example, are you effective with time management, or do you tend to run over on certain tasks? If so, then this could be holding you back! 

Develop your communication skills, enhance your teamwork abilities. These are all essential tools for creating good managers, and you’re going to need them if you want to progress. 

  • Network in Your Industry 

Networking is one of those words that makes most of us roll our eyes. But if you get good at it, it’s a skill that will take you far. 

Making connections with others in your industry can do wonders for your own career and open up doors that might otherwise have been closed. After all, sometimes it isn’t just what you know, but also who you know. 

Attend conferences or set yourself up on LinkedIn so that you can make connections that will take you far!

Have you worked to grow your career? Share your tips for progression in the comments below! 


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