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7 Ways To Have An Affordable But Exciting Trip With Your Family

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September 17, 2020

Going away with your family should be exciting for everyone, not just the kids – but when you have finances to worry about, it can be difficult to get excited. Making your budget stretch can be difficult, but it can be done, and you can definitely still have an amazing time! There’s no need to let budgeting suck the fun out of your family trip. Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can have an affordable but exciting trip with your family:

Research Various Travel Options – And Make It Part of The Excitement

When you plan your trip, make sure you research your various travel options. Bear in mind that how you travel can be a huge part of the excitement! Going on a ferry for the first time is probably going to be really exciting for your kids, and you can make the train exciting, too. There are double decker buses that will take you to your destination and allow you to see so much more than you usually would – and kids tend to love double decker buses. 

Exploring all of your options in depth will give you an idea of the cheapest option and help you to figure out what will be the most fun for all! 

Try Camping Out

Camping is one of the most cost effective but exciting things you can – just need to be prepared to get your hands dirty every so often! That being said, your kids will love getting back to nature and enjoying the fresh air. There will be plenty of space for them to play and use their imaginations, and you can go on walks, explore the wildlife, and learn so much together. This is the sort of trip that will keep everybody in the present moment and away from their devices – most of the time, anyway. They’ll love staying outside in a tent, too – the novelty never wears off!

Camp Bestival

Give A Staycation a Go

If you don’t fancy camping, then a staycation could be exciting. Look for a cheap house for rent and plan from there. There are probably all kinds of things near you that you haven’t looked into properly! Go on trails and walks, explore museums and galleries, go for lunch somewhere new, see if there are any markets or fairs on; the options are endless. 

Plan a Picnic For Lunch

Buying food is often one of the most expensive things about going away with your family. Planning a few picnics for lunch can be exciting and help you to save a fortune. Pick a spot on the beach or another scenic spot and make sure you have lots of sandwiches, snacks, and treats to choose from. Your kids really don’t care about eating fancy food, so this is a place you can easily save money without impacting the trip! 

Give Kids Their Own Souvenir Money

Rather than feel guilty every time your child asks for something and you have to say no, consider giving them their own souvenir money. This way, they can buy what they like, and they can learn a thing or two about budgeting and spending. 

Try The Envelope Method 

The envelope method can be useful for you if you’re worrying about having enough for the various elements of your trip. You could have an envelope for food, for activities, and for souvenirs, for example. Make sure you are smart about where to save and where to spend, too. A rare opportunity is worth spending on, but things like your meals should be saved on. 

Manage Your Expectations

If you can’t afford to travel to a luxury resort, it’s not a big deal. You can still have fun – chances are you don’t need half the things that a luxury resort provides to have an amazing trip with the people that matter the most to you. Make sure you think about what’s truly important to you and your family and go from there. Kids are very easy to please. As long as they have a place to play, they’ll dive headfirst into any adventure. It will take more planning and patience to travel on a budget with your kids, but it’s doable and can still be the trip of a lifetime!

Don’t forget, your attitude towards the trip or vacation can have a huge impact on your kids excitement, too. They can pick up on the tiniest things, so try to be excited and you’ll get them excited! 


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