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A Family’s Guide to Road Trip Success

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November 29, 2023

Nothing beats a family road trip if you want to spend some uninterrupted quality time together and visit some pretty incredible destinations. Road trips are increasing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only can you plan your trip exactly as you like, but you can also avoid delays on public transport, high ticket prices and enjoy all the benefits of being entirely independent.

And whilst it might sound idyllic, lots of planning and forward-thinking goes into keeping such a trip as stress-free as possible. With multiple people to organise, as well as accommodation, administration and making sure the little ones are comfortable, it can be overwhelming at times. But with the right planning, it should be a breeze.

Efficient packing

With a few of you on board and limited space in the car, it’s crucial to pack light and avoid bringing anything unnecessary along the way. If the kids can share clothes, consider just bringing one bag for them. Bulky things like jumpers, scarves and shirts can also be shared to save space. Think about also investing in a great quality pair of shoes that can be used in all situations, be it walking around a city or tackling a hiking trail. 

Consider also investing in modern pieces of technology to save space. Things like Kindles or e-books are not only light, but they’ll save you bringing along a pile of books to read at the beach. Tablets can also double as entertainment units for the children if they get bored on the long car journeys.

Prepare your car

Your car will be working very hard and travelling long distances throughout your trip. To ensure that the trip goes smoothly, take your car to a garage beforehand to get everything checked out and sort out any problems so they don’t disrupt your trip. Be sure to take our temporary car insurance too so that you’re covered should anything happen along the way.

It’s also a good idea to check the driving requirements of the countries you’re visiting. Some countries require you to have a specific kind of driving licence. You should also check the tyre regulations as some destinations require drivers to adhere to seasonal tyres for maximum safety on the road.

Pit stops

With the little ones in tow, it’s likely that you’ll have to stop a few times during the course of each journey. If you know that you’ll be taking on a particularly long journey, plan for rest breaks at specific locations. Maybe the pit stop has a little walk you can enjoy or boasts panoramic views over an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Snacks are always a good idea too. Plan ahead by popping to the supermarket as and when you need to reload on healthy nibbles for car journeys. These will minimise the chance of car sickness and make everyone more comfortable.

Entertainment en routeNothing’s worse than trying to settle a bored child. Keep boredom at bay with a selection of car games that you can play as a family. Explore creative games, audiobooks, playlists and puzzles that can be completed in the back of the car. You’ll find that this little ritual makes you all closer as a result.


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