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Best Baby Monitor App when Travelling with Kids

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April 3, 2022

Traveling with kids can be challenging, but at the same time is the most rewarding and eye-opening experience. It is essential to be prepared before departure. Make a list of everything you need the most. Avoid overpacking. Don’t pack too many toys and unnecessary stuff, try to focus on the important items, such as passport, visa, clothes, stroller, birth certificate, medicines, etc. And don’t worry. Even if you forget to pack your hardware baby monitor, don’t panic. There is a great gadget that will make traveling with children so much easier. 

I’m talking about the Annie Baby Monitor app, a mobile application that will help you babysit your baby. And what do you need besides the baby monitor app? At least 2 mobile devices (mobile, tablet, watch, laptop) and internet connection (WiFi, E, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G). The app is a reliable babysitter and every parent needs a hand from time to time.

You can download Annie from the App Store or Google Play. Setting up monitoring is very simple and really anyone can handle it. After getting the app, register and then log in to both devices (e.g. your mobile phone and tablet) with the same email. Pair them and monitoring can begin!

Your holiday with children will then be an unforgettable experience with Annie Baby Monitor App. Try the app for free and then decide. 

What can you expect when purchasing a subscription (weekly, monthly, yearly)?

One of the best features is definitely Motion Detection. Thanks to this feature, you will be always informed about the movement of your little one. Smart notifications guarantee that you will not miss anything. If your child wakes up and starts crying, you can play lullabies and white noise to calm him down.

High-quality video and audio are a must. When your baby starts crying, you can just press the button and talk to your little one to soothe him. Also, if you want to capture your baby sleeping, dancing, or laughing, you can make audio and video recordings and save them to your phone.

The worst feeling ever is when you don’t know exactly where your precious child is. Always make sure you have an eye on your kids. If you need to see your baby up close, you can use the feature zoom. Zoom in whenever you like. 

Annie Baby Monitor has multiplatform support. You can easily pair your iOS device with Android device and monitor your child without any problem. The app takes care of the security of kids – all communication is securely encrypted. 

 You can also monitor multiple children through multiple baby stations. This feature allows you to look after up to four babies from your parent’s devices. The needs of big families are covered!

With the app, your holiday will be perfect. When the children are tired, put them to bed, place your phone as a baby monitor next to them, start monitoring and you two can go for an adventure. You can go out for a romantic dinner, a walk, or do some sport – and at the same time, you can have an overview of your sleeping kids. Nothing will pass unnoticed! You will enjoy every minute of your free time to the fullest. The possibilities are endless. 

There is only one thing left to do – plan your next holiday! What is your dream destination? After all, you and your children will enjoy every moment of seeing the world and creating a lifetime of memories. So don’t wait until the kids get older and just go for it!


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