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Choosing the right career

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December 2, 2021

To perform to the maximum of his potential, every employee must be in the appropriate work environment, with specific goals and aspirations in the job that really interests him. This makes career choice the most important decision a person has to make in their professional career. 

It is clear that the decision-making process is complex and requires a thorough search. In order for a potential employee to make the right career decision, he or she must consider both the factors that influence it and the stages of that choice. The factors that may affect the career selection process are:


An individual’s ability to communicate, converse, and function effectively within a team can significantly influence their future employment. Organizational, computational and analytical skills determine the potential position of the potential candidate. For example, a communicative, team-oriented person with remarkable organizational skills could be oriented towards the project management industry.


Each person when choosing a career should make sure that there is a correlation between his personal interests and the interests offered by his future work (scientific, social, creative, etc.).


What motivates the person the most? Is it money, work-life balance, security or social security? Considering the above, the candidate will choose a career that will give him the appropriate motivation to succeed in his professional career.


Personality traits are perhaps the most decisive factor in choosing the right career. The prevailing theory for career choice based on personality type is Holland’s theory. According to Holland, most people are looking for work environments that are compatible with their character and can be classified into six personality types:

  • Realistic, where the most practical people belong.
  • Research, for people with observation skills.
  • Conventional, for organizational people who prefer structured activities
  • Social, for people who prefer social activities
  • Business, for people with innate business tendencies.
  • Artistic, to which the most creative people belong.


The social environment of individuals significantly influences the career choice since each person acts based on certain standards, exchanges views and seeks advice.


The qualifications that each person has are the guiding axis for the choice of his career, delimiting the range of work fields that he can choose.


The place a person chooses to work is the last career choice. Each different location offers different opportunities, jobs and development opportunities. Of course, now, in the era of teleworking, the problem of location is completely eliminated. Any employee with the right knowledge can work from home, having the right equipment and internet connection. 

There are hundreds of websites and advertisements looking for employees for remote work that cater to everyone, even to those who are residents of a foreign country. One such example is the profession of voice actor, which has offered dozens of opportunities to young employees due to the evolution of technology. Voice over agencies like allow many young employees to grow financially and professionally.

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The final stage includes the substantial and practical entry of the individual into the labour market. This is done by participating in information days related to available jobs in the market, writing and sending CVs, participating in interviews with employers and in general by a thorough examination of the work environment associated with the desired career selected.


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