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Enjoy a Villa Holiday and Bring the Whole Family Along

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July 7, 2015

Summer has arrived and families in search of sun, sand and unforgettable memories will love the assortment of activities and experiences on offer throughout Italy’s Puglia region. With a portfolio of luxurious holiday villas peppered across Puglia, Aria Luxury Apulia is the perfect platform to find private self-contained accommodation that the whole family will love.
Chiara Tenuzzo, Director of Aria Luxury Apulia said, “Holidaying together is a hugely important way for families to bond and connect. Unlike hotels, private villas offer families the chance to enjoy each other’s company in an environment that’s intimate, relaxed and social. We’ve got something for every family, from tranquil two bedroom trulli villas with secluded rooftop terraces to sprawling five bedroom masserias nestled in their own private vineyards.”
All properties available through Aria Luxury Apulia are situated in the beautiful region of Puglia, which has a myriad of child-friendly attractions and activities to choose from. From family friendly beaches with water sports and children’s facilities to keep the kids happy, to a zoo safari and amusement park, Puglia is the ultimate family holiday destination.
In Italy, cooking is considered a family bonding experience that can be collectively enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Private villas featuring fully equipped chef’s kitchens offer families the chance to create mouth-watering meals and treasured holiday memories. Those in need of a little guidance can sign up for a private Puglia Culinary Class that will help attendees uncover the rustic and hearty delights of ‘Cucina Povera’ cuisine. For families that prefer to skip the cooking and head straight to the table, Aria Luxury Apulia also offers guests access to private in-house chefs seasoned in the art of whipping up local delicacies. This gives holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy five star cuisine you’d expect at a top restaurant, in the comfort of your own property.
When it comes to accommodating large families, private villas offer unsurpassed flexibility. Plenty of villas offer five or more bedrooms which can easily accommodate parents, kids, grandparents and other extended family members. As well as a multitude of bedrooms larger villas also boast luxuries such as private swimming pools, pergolas, gardens, al fresco terraces, BBQ areas and more. The Italians place a huge amount of value on family time, with the wonderfully spacious villas reflecting the country’s family oriented culture.
Chiara added, “Summer is the perfect time for families to enjoy quality time together, and we’re not just referring to mum, dad and the kids. Rather than simply opt for a Sunday lunch or day trip to the seaside we’re encouraging the WHOLE family to book a luxurious private holiday villa and head off on an Italian escape.”
When travelling with babies and toddlers it can often be difficult to settle them into regular routines. The residential feel and spaciousness of private holiday villas means parents can instantly create a comforting home away from home for their little ones.
Often holidaying families will simply want to escape the crowds and enjoy treasured alone time with their loved ones. With walled gardens, gated driveways, private swimming pools and spacious public areas, luxury villas are the perfect way for families to reconnect.
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