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How to control the internet craze of your kids with these tips

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December 3, 2018

In this digital era, mostly parents feel obliged to facilitate their children from all the opportunities available to move successfully in today’s world, this unquestionably means access to the electronic gadgets, internet and all perks which come along with it.

Expectedly, it is impossible to monitor every move of kids, considering the busy schedule most of the parents follow in their daily lives. That is where the various parental control apps available come to the aide of parents.

Analyze Your Internet Service

Double check with the provider of your internet connection that what kind of websites are accessible and what type of sites the provider has put restriction on? Some of the routers let you put limitations on particular devices too. Using this feature, you can limit the internet access to a desirable extent.

But, this only works if the device your children are using is connected to your home network. The moment they connect their devices to another internet connection, your restriction will not be effective.

Communicate Ground Rules at Home

While you are providing your kids an access to all the amazing gadgets and internet services, you need to remind them that it’s all because of you. And if they try to break the ground rules you have set, you can take away all the facilities for them. Make some rules prohibiting the internet use 24/7 and restrict any content you don’t want them to explore.

Make Use of Parental Control Apps

Putting limitations on your kid’s use of internet has become easier with the introduction of parental control apps such as FamilyTime that help parents monitor the online activities of their kids without much of a hassle. Using a parental control app, parents can protect their kids effortlessly.

Aids of FamilyTime Parental Control App

FamilyTime parental control app helps considerably in efficient parenting. It allows parents to battle with their children’s internet addiction. Here is just a glimpse of benefits it provides.

Family time

Limiting the Screen Time

Use an easy, hassle-free app such as FamilyTime. FamilyTime is immensely beneficial when it comes to controlling and monitoring the activities of kids. Its thoughtful feature of putting limit to screen time helps in averting the chances of internet addiction among teens. The application is equally valuable inside or outside the home. You can monitor and track the location of your kids using the geo-fencing feature of FamilyTime parental control.

Blocking Particular Applications

The FamilyTime parental control app allows you to block all the unwanted applications. If you are worried about you kids wasting their precious time being addicted to any of the social media applications, you can easily put restriction and block that particular application. Being a parent, you need to monitor your kid’s activities and be updated about what kind of content they search on internet. Preventing kids from searching adult content is a parent’s foremost duty.

Do check the app and its valuable features before you make any decision. You can also give this app a free try. To download the trial version, go now to the app store on your phone.


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