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How To Keep Connected On The Road

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March 9, 2020

When you travel abroad, you may sometimes find that finding WiFi can be tricky and it may well be that you need your WiFi to do your work or to keep in touch with family. A lot of phones will allow you to switch your 4G and adapt to any country that you visit, but some countries incur roaming charges and this can all add up. For example, anything out of the euro zone can be very pricey but some companies will offer good deals on this. If you’re travelling around for a longer period of time and you need the internet, then perhaps you may want to look at a Dongle. 

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Benefits of using your own WiFi on the road! 

The main benefit of using dongle Wi-Fi is that it allows users to connect to the internet anywhere and this is great if you’re travelling. A dongle is often small, portable, easy to use and will fit into your bag or pocket easily and doesn’t need to be charged. By using a small modem, you can connect to wireless or mobile broadband – 4G or 3G, just like on your phone essentially wherever you may be. In a small remote airport, on a coach in the middle of the mountains, in a small hotel room in the middle of a wood or tiny village in the middle of Spain. You can still connect. You can’t always rely on WiFi in hotels and on the road but if you have access to it, then definitely take advantage. A lot of asian countries have some of the fastest in the world, especially places such as Singapore. 

Finding what you need when you need it

If you are looking for your password and you have lost access somehow, then there are ways to retrieve and ways about how to find a wifi password on a Mac. If you also need to get access quickly from your phone to your computer, there are ways to tether your phone to your laptop and feed off your data from your phone but it is best to speak to your service provider to ensure that you are getting the right deal and that there are no hidden costs. That is the last thing that you want when you are travelling! 

Keeping connected is also important if you’re having to work, so it’s important to still make note of the nearby places that have WiFi just in case you struggle to connect through your own medium. Keep a list on you at all times that tells you exactly where the local cafes and hotels are that offer good free WiFi (sometimes you may need to be a customer or patron before you can access the internet) so be sure to find out that it is free before you book to go. A lot of cities have coworking spaces that offer WiFi too so you’ll be sure to find a lot of free internet around, unless you’re somewhere very remote, in that case, you must be sure that you have a good provider that will give you access long distance. 

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    March 9, 2020

    This is really useful, the charges can soon mount up when you’re away but having WiFi means you can keep in touch wherever you are x

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