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How to Recycle Your Old Holiday Clothes

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April 27, 2020

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of booking a holiday and then planning your holiday wardrobe. Indeed, many of us will buy a full suitcase of new clothes – after all – you’ll want to look like the height of fashion whether you’re sat by the pool or you’re dining in a gorgeous local restaurant. 

The only problem is, once you get home from that holiday, we just don’t know what you’re going to do with all the new clothes. Especially when bikini weather is so rare at home. Plus, since so many of us like to buy new holiday clothes for our next holiday, it means our old clothes tend to be bundled into bin bags, which clutter up our lofts and garages. 


Which means, when you finally get around to that attic clear out, your old holiday clothes are years old and most likely destined for a landfill. 

To help keep unnecessary clothing off landfills, though, here’s some tips from https://www.kwiksweep.co.uk on how you can recycle your old holiday clothes and help do your bit for the environment: 

Look Through for Items You’d Like to Keep

Often, we discard holiday clothes as they aren’t suitable for British weather or you worry they won’t be in fashion for next year. However, you might still want to have a proper look through your suitcase and see if there’s anything you’d like to keep. 

Plus, when it comes to wearing a bikini or the like that’s a few years old, you’re far less likely to see someone wearing the same. Indeed, you’ll likely get compliments from others asking you where you got your clothes. 

Sell Your Holiday Clothes

While we might not want all of our own holiday clothes for our next trip away, it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. Just think, you’ll have spent a good bit of money on your holiday wardrobe and only worn each items a few times. Meaning they should be in good condition after a wash. 

So, to recoup some of your money, use selling sites such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to advertise and sell these clothes on. People will gladly jump on the chance to get some new holiday clothes at a fraction of the cost that you would in the shops. 

You might even want to consider buying second-hand when it comes to your next holiday. It will help you save some spending money for your trip!

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Give Holiday Clothes Away 

If you don’t like the idea of selling, yet you don’t want to let your clothes go to waste, you could consider giving them away. Firstly, think of people in your family or friends who might be going on holiday and might want some clothes. You’ll be surprised at how grateful people will be to get holiday clothes without spending money. 

You can also consider bagging up clothes and taking them to a charity shop. Here you will not only be saving clothes from landfills, but you’ll also be helping to raise money for charities that are desperate need of donations. 

Recycle Clothes Rather Than Binning Them 

Sometimes though, holiday clothes are just not suitable for re-use. Perhaps they’re stained with sunscreen or they might have got damaged while abroad. That doesn’t mean you should just put them in the bin. 

Instead, try to take your old clothes to someone that will recycle textiles and fabrics. Gothic fashion design hubs use many types of fabrics and many local councils and recycling plants can do this for you; however, this will depend on the area you live in. If your council doesn’t, though, there should be a local company that can help you recycle your clothes. 

Every year, it’s thought that around 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfills in the UK every year. Which is a scary thought but, by doing your bit to reuse and recycle your holiday clothing, you can help do your bit to reduce this number. 


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