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How to save money on household bills

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July 28, 2020

Bills, bills, bills…. sometimes it seems never ending. Running a household certainly isn’t cheap, especially when everyone is at home more often than we’re used to following the lockdown. Whilst most larger household bills are essentials we can’t live without some, such as gas, electricity, water etc – there are ways to make sure we’re, at the very least, not overpaying. Below we’ve created this handy guide on how you can keep your household bills as low as possible.

Find cheaper broadband

Phone and broadband can be sought for around £20 per month. This should be ample for most users on a limited budget, unless you want a super fast high speed connection of course. Have a look online for cheap broadband deals to see how much you could save.

Cut your TV subscriptions

Do you really need all these channels you subscribe to? By cutting down the number of TV packages you subscribe to you could save up to £300 a year. However, If you really don’t want to lose any channels, some nifty haggling with your provider should result in a reduction of your monthly bill, particularly if you threaten to cancel and go elsewhere.

Audit your food bill

With meal planning and being hyper organised you should be able to reduce your food bill. Having a strict list and sticking to it is essential, along with avoiding going food shopping when you are hungry. Don’t be tempted by end of aisle offers or over buying and then having to throw food in the bin.

Compare gas & electricity providers

Given the amount of money that can be saved by switching providers, a surprisingly high number of people in the UK still do not switch and get their energy from one of the so called ‘big six’. This apparent lethargy will cost you money as more often than not the best deals can be gained by changing providers. Cut non-essential spending Magazine subscriptions, Spotify, Netflix, Disney Plus, takeaways… these can all start to add up in terms of monthly expenditure. None of these can be classified as essential spending, no matter how much you might enjoy them! If you really want to cut back then these kinds of monthly outgoings should be reduced or eliminated. As a compromise, you might consider having a takeaway every other week versus every week or just subscribing to one streaming service, not Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Switch it off!

As simple as it sounds, if you are not using something then turn it off. This can include your TV, computers, lighting, heating…almost anything that consumes energy, especially when you are away from home. By getting into a good habit of not leaving stuff switched on you should start to notice a small improvement in your monthly bills.


To conclude, when we boil it down most households will have some leisure-based expenditure they can either reduce or remove in order to save a bit on monthly bills. This doesn’t mean living the life of Ebenezer Scrooge but instead just making sure you’re always getting the best deal possible for the thing you buy and only buying the


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