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Meeting the BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

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August 27, 2019

We are regular visitors to Marwell Zoo and back in April we were invited to the launch of their BRICKOSAURS! – a collection of life-like LEGO® brick dinosaurs on display throughout the grounds.

Since the initial launch in April, they have been adding new BRICKOSAURS throughout the zoo, so we headed back to see if we could find them all.


We arrived on a beautiful sunny and warm day, but were soon greeted by a huge storm cloud and rumbles of thunder, so we took cover in the penguin house and watched as they danced in the rain.

Thankfully the shower disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived and we set of on our dinosaur hunt.


To help you track down all the BRICKOSAURS there is a free trail map, or you can download the Marwell Zoo App, available on App Store and Google Play.


Marwell Zoo is a walking safari around a huge 140 acre park with something to see and do around every corner.


We enjoy walking around the zoo, however, there is a land train to help you get around if you need it.


To help persuade the kids to walk, there are also 5 adventure playgrounds to enjoy, plus a miniature railway which runs around the middle of the zoo.


By Marwell House, you will find the largest touring LEGO brick dinosaur model ever made – a whopping eight-metre Tyrannosaurus rex and Sebby was over the moon to find a new addition – a baby T-Rex.


There is also the “Find Colin” challenge.


Colin is one of our Compsognathus BRICKOSAURS! who is hiding somewhere in the zoo. This very cheeky little dinosaur is getting up to lots of mischief, but where is he? If you find him, take a photo and share on social media using the hashtag #colinsontherun


We really enjoyed having a mix of animals and BRICKOSAURS to find and the changeable weather seemed to bring all the animals out to see us.


The kids were most amused by one of the tigers having a bath.


And one of the Leopard’s was happily rolling around in the dirt.


Sebby was brilliant at identifying all the BRICKOSAURS, although there are also handy plaques by each one, with fun facts about the creature and how many bricks were used to build it.


There are over 50 BRICKOSAURS to find around the zoo, with some easier to spot than others.


BRICKOSAURS and a selection of extra activities are included with general admission at Marwell Zoo. and will be running until 1st September 2019, so that visitors can get closer to the wonders of the natural world and the prehistoric world, all in one place.


A standard family ticket for Marwell Zoo costs £64.75, excluding the optional donation.


Disclaimer: We were guests of Marwell Zoo for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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    August 27, 2019

    Oh wow these look amazing!! I have never been to Marwell Zoo but it looks like lots of fun!

  2. Reply

    Elizabeth Keene

    August 27, 2019

    Love the Lego dinosaurs – or “brickosaurs”! That’s such a cute aspect of the park.

  3. Reply


    August 27, 2019

    What a lovely place. Looks really colourful.

  4. Reply


    August 28, 2019

    I think they have done such a wonderful job, these are gorgeous.

  5. Reply


    August 28, 2019

    Whoa this is so cool! I love dinosaurs so I would love this. It’s amazing how well they’ve done to make them look so great just from bricks.

  6. Reply

    Jasmine Hewitt

    August 28, 2019

    my son would love this! it’s awesome zoos are now incorporating dinosaurs!

  7. Reply


    August 28, 2019

    This looks like the type of place my kids would love to visit! If we’re ever in the area, we will definitely go!

  8. Reply

    Olya AMANOVA

    August 28, 2019

    The most colorful adventure depicted. So many photos to look at) Great work creating this lovely experience for us. Feels like we’ve been there with kids and family friends.

  9. Reply

    Valerie Robinson

    August 29, 2019

    I have never heard of this place, but I know my kids would have a blast there. Awesome recap and images. Everyone looked so content.

  10. Reply

    Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    August 29, 2019

    Oh now that would be cool to see. My kids are super into dinosaurs right now too.

  11. Reply

    Pati Robins

    August 29, 2019

    how absolutely cool are these !!! for me creating figures like this takes so much talent and patience

  12. Reply

    Jasmine Watts

    August 29, 2019

    So cool! My niece loves legos so much. I bet she will love to visit this place someday.

  13. Reply

    alexandra cook

    August 29, 2019

    Wow, this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

  14. Reply


    August 29, 2019

    This sounds like a great zoo to visit! I bet the kids had a blast there.

  15. Reply

    Jessica may

    August 30, 2019

    My kids would think this is everything, we love visiting and making trips to see things like this!

  16. Reply

    Stephanie Moore

    August 30, 2019

    We loved this event, we visited a couple of months ago and my children loved it. I was super impressed by the Lego figures, so much work gone into those.

  17. Reply

    Jackline A

    August 30, 2019

    Omg how cool is it that all the dinosaurs are made of Lego. So cool! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Reply

    Rebecca Smith

    August 31, 2019

    Those dinos are so cool and must have taken so long to put together! Looks like a wonderful day out.

  19. Reply

    michelle twin mum

    August 31, 2019

    Wow these are amazing and I love the competition to spot Colin. Marwell is a lovely zoo and I’d happily head back there soon. Mich x

  20. Reply

    Rhian westbury

    September 1, 2019

    I loved Marwell Zoo when I went last year, it was such a nice zoo. The lego animals look amazing, I can’t believe how long it takes the people to make these x

  21. Reply

    Laura Dove

    September 1, 2019

    Ah we were here over the summer and LOVED it! It was our first time there and the dinosaurs were a HUGE hit with the kdis!

  22. Reply


    September 2, 2019

    I think this is so creative. My 4 yr old cousin would love this.

  23. Reply


    September 2, 2019

    How amazing, I was dinosaur mad when I was a kid. I’d have loved this!!
    Katie xoxox

  24. Reply

    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    September 2, 2019

    My husband and the kids would love this – all LEGO man with dinosaurs thrown, a winning combination

  25. Reply


    September 3, 2019

    These look awesome! My son would love this

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