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Panto Fun with Aladdin at Lighthouse Poole

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December 10, 2016

He’s Behind You!!
Oh no you’re not!
Oh Yes we are!
Three fun phrases that are bound to get the audience shouting and screaming at a pantomime.
I love this time of year and one of the highlights of the year is always taking the kids to the pantomime. This year I got to do two in one week, taking Sebastian to see Cinderella at the Pavilion with pre-school and Eliza and Isaac to see Aladdin at Lighthouse Poole with the school.
I am sad to admit that Cinderella was really disappointing. It was far too long, the cast didn’t really gel and Sebby wanted to go home at the interval, so I was a little wary of my second panto trip to see Aladdin.
It couldn’t have been more different and it was the best, traditional pantomime I have ever been to.
None of these fancy 3D special effects that terrify the kids, just good old-fashioned acting, circus skills, dancing, fun and colourful sets, costume changes, a fun flying carpet ride and lively songs that old and young adore.
As we arrived and got seated the cast were already on stage, performing tricks and circus acts so the children were not bored waiting for it to start. I loved how they seemingly got a volunteer to come from the audience to walk the tightrope, but it was actually Max Bowden (Waterloo Road). He subsequently “fell off” and banged his head and we were transported to the magical world of Peking and the story of Aladdin.
The pantomime followed the story of Aladdin perfectly as he had to outwit his dastardly foe of Abanazer, played brilliantly by Peter Duncan, to win the hand of beautiful Princess XiaoXue (Sapphire Elia). The comedy element came from Widow Twankey, played with gusto by Adam Price and nutty jobsworth police officers, Joey Joey and Pantaloon (Chris Larner and Laura Curnick) who had the audience whopping, clapping and shouting.
There was the traditional sing-a-long with kids up on stage and I proudly watched as Eliza was chosen to go up on stage. She got her lines right and revelled in the audience all saying “aaahhhhh” everytime it was her go, as she was the youngest up on stage. I was also impressed that the kids got a cute cuddly toy penguin from The Ark as a gift for being up on stage, rather than a cheap and nasty £1 shop toy that normally happens.
the ark gift
The real scene-stealer of the show is Miguel Angel as the sparkly Genie of the Lamp who rocks up as a magic-maker with the style, with moves and sound of Michael Jackson, Prince, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie.
Joey Joey and Pantaloon “stopped” the show in the second half to make sure that the actors have included all the traditional pantomime features. I was a little unsure at first but it turned out to be the best bit of the show as the genie waved a little magic which ended up with the whole auditorium filled with kids joining in with Pantaloons Honey G impression………we may not like her on X-Factor but it is clear that kids adore her!!
It is not often I gush about a production, however, this was so good we are going back again!
Well done Duncan Reeves Productions and Lighthouse Poole – you have a winning Pantomime this year!
Photo Credit: Peter Budd

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    Emma Raphael

    December 10, 2016

    Living abroad, I often have to explain exactly what a pantomime is. It’s always funny to see peoples reactions. Then they ask if they are good! This one does sound good, glad you had a nice time! 🙂

  2. Reply


    December 10, 2016

    I love pantomimes I always went as a child and my Daughter has always gone to them, such great fun x

  3. Reply

    Dean of Little Steps

    December 10, 2016

    Oh we’re watching a Sleeping Beauty panto in Exeter next Saturday, can’t wait! This looks so much fun too 🙂

  4. Reply

    five little doves

    December 10, 2016

    Oh how fab! We haven’t been to a pantomime in years, and my youngest three have never been, I really need to get us tickets as I’m sure they would love it!

  5. Reply


    December 10, 2016

    I used to love going to the panto as a kid. Looks like you guys had a lovely time! x

  6. Reply

    angela hamilton

    December 10, 2016

    oh how fantastic. My son is off to the panto with the school on Tuesday, Snow White. It sounds like everyone had an amazing time and it has put me in the mood to go to a panto now, it has been years x

  7. Reply

    Lisa Lambert (mumdadplus4)

    December 11, 2016

    Oh no we have experienced a rubbish one before that was way too long and the jokes highly inappropriate for children. Glad you enjoyed Aladdin though can’t wait for the twins tobe a little older so I can do it all over again

  8. Reply


    December 11, 2016

    I do love a good traditional Pantomime and this one sounds fantastic, I can see how much you enjoyed it. great audience participation and good acting is all that’s needed, my kids really don’t like special effects or loud noises (unless it’s music)

  9. Reply


    December 11, 2016

    Im going to an adult Pantomime this week with the office crew and I am so looking forward to it x

  10. Reply

    Rhian Westbury

    December 11, 2016

    I really want to go to a panto this Christmas but I genuinly don’t think I have any time to go 🙁 Aladdin is a good choice, definitely my favourite Disney movie x

  11. Reply


    December 11, 2016

    This sounds like something my son would enjoy! He’s 4 and he is having such a blast learning songs and stuff for his nursery play, that I think he’d love to get up on stage.

  12. Reply


    December 11, 2016

    We aren’t going to the panto this year and I’m so sad about it as we always love it x x

  13. Reply


    December 11, 2016

    Wow this sounds amazing! I love that they were doing things at the beginning to entertain the kids before it officially started. I do love the panto at this time of year ????

  14. Reply

    Angela Key Milnes

    December 12, 2016

    What a fun event, Me and my kids would want to go in Panto event and I bet this is so much fun

  15. Reply

    Fashion and Style Police

    December 12, 2016

    Ah sounds like a fab production. Would love to watch this.

  16. Reply


    December 12, 2016

    I haven’t been to a pantomine in about 30 years and we only went as Colin Baker was in it and my Doctor Who mad brother insisted we went! Sounds like Aladdin was great fun all round. Boo for Cinderella though!

  17. Reply


    December 13, 2016

    I haven’t been to a panto since I was a child and that feels like a long time ago! It sounds as though you all had a great time though.

  18. Reply


    December 15, 2016

    I love a good panto, we went to an awesome one in Nottingham last year.It had Christopher Biggins in and he was hysterical!

  19. Reply

    Jen Walshaw

    December 16, 2016

    I really want to like panto’s. But no matter how much I try and yes, I have been to a lot. I just sit cringing! The kids love them though.

  20. Reply


    December 28, 2016

    I’ve never actually been to a Panto but this one looks like so much fun – feeling inspired to go
    Laura x

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