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Review: 50th Anniversary of the Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Show

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August 7, 2022

We love days out with a difference, so when my friends said she was running a craft stall at the Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Show, we took the kids along to enjoy the fun.

The Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Show is Hampshire’s biggest steam and craft show and has something to keep everyone happy, with STEAM engines, vintage vehicles, music, shows, exhibitors, collectors and a fairground.

The kids favourite area was the main arena, which hosted a series of vehicle parades as well as shows.


Their runaway favourites were the Horsemen of the Knight, a team of professional stunt riders who perform Jousting, Sword fights, Trick Riding, Fire and Roman Riding.

It was a real battle of good versus evil and the crowd were positively encouraged to join in with “boos and hisses” for the black knight and cheers for the heroes of the day.

The Tigers Children’s Motorcycle Display Team were amazing too, with the kids all wanting to ride a motorbike afterwards.

This three day event is held at Meadowmead Farm, with plenty of parking. Do beware, that the site is quite hilly in places, although the main arena is mostly flat.

We enjoyed walking around the craft stalls and came home with a few items of clothing and some beeswax sandwich wraps.

I would recommend getting a programme, as some of the displays are repeated, but others only happen once per day, like the falconry show.

The shows are all free once you are inside, although activities like climbing, axe throwing and the fair are all pay extra.

We spent a full day at the Netley Marsh Show as there was so much to see and do and at £12 each, it’s an inexpensive day out, especially if you stay for the evening events too.

Have you been to the Netley Marsh Show?

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    Kim Carberry

    August 8, 2022

    This sounds like a great day out. We were at a local agricultural show last month and they had very similar stunt riders on horses, they were amazing. x

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