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Review: Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

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October 4, 2022

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival was first launched in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength.

The festival is an annual celebration of art, culture, people and place and brings together large-scale spectaculars, diverse music, intriguing installations, dance, street theatre, participatory experiences and more.

The festival also helps to raise awareness of global environmental issues and support green projects and partners, while helping artists, residents, businesses and visitors to become more environmentally friendly too. 

In fact, Sebby has enjoyed several lessons at school about what is happening and was very excited to see the installations and tell me what each of them meant.

One of Sebby’s favourite displays was the Airship Orchestra, a mystical tribe of otherworldly characters beamed from the night stars, skin streaked with galaxy and voices like stardust.

This light and sound installation, situated in the triangle, showcases numerous inflatables, some up to six metres. The sound experience is its own spatial environment, immersing visitors in an arresting score written character-by-character for a full choir. The generative soundscape synced with light, creates an adventure that is aesthetically dynamic both day and night.

The finale was the Carnival by the Sea as over 250 community performers took part in this one-off spectacle event, marching from Horseshoe Common down to central Bournemouth.


Our only disappointment was that the queue for the Luminarium was two hours long, so we never got to look inside.

Did you got to the Bournemouth Arts Festival?


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