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Some of the Best Remote Working Jobs in 2023

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December 5, 2022

Remote working has gained much popularity in recent years. The pandemic played a significant role in promoting the global acceptance of remote working. Despite the end of the lockdowns and other safety measures to curb the pandemic, many companies have maintained remote working policies. Additionally, many people have reevaluated their options and chosen the remote working route as the better option. 

There are many career options for individuals that prefer to work remotely. Check out the following remote working jobs:

Web developer

Web designing is one of the most lucrative online job opportunities. It deals with software development, graphic designs, and other elements entailed in web page creation. However, this job requires technical know-how and expertise. So, if you are considering switching your career path to becoming a web developer, starting an online web development course would be wise. Online schools like EPICODE offer some of the best web development courses you can take before starting your career as a web developer. 

UX/UI designer

A user experience and user interface designer focuses on what online users see when interacting with a company’s software or website. So, this job may require you to conduct user surveys and observe their behaviors and patterns so you can establish changes to help businesses attract more users or clients. You do not need advanced training to become a UX/UI designer. Instead, you can take an online course and break into the industry. 


Professional writers and editors also make good money. Writing and editing are lucrative careers you can do from home and make great money. You can write and edit books, online articles, and technical and corporate documents. Note that you do not have to do both. You can choose to do writing or editing separately. However, doing both will make you more money but demand more time. 

Social media manager

Social media management is also a good remote career. It offers much flexibility because all you need is a device with internet connectivity and access to social media platforms. It is also one of the most highly in-demand positions because, nowadays, companies depend on social media to attract and retain clients. As a social media manager, you need know-how on user engagement, content creation, and skills for growing social media accounts. You can do this job as a freelancer and manage social accounts for multiple companies. 


You can put your accounting degree to work without getting a conventional 8-5 job. Nowadays, companies hire remote accountants that are location-independent. You can work for a foreign company or a local company as a remote accountant. 

Project manager

A project manager oversees the success of a project by delegating tasks and ensuring that the project follows a specific timeline. It is a well-paying job that you can do remotely if you have the right team. It is also a versatile job because you can work in many industries. You do not need a technical background to become a project manager. 

Customer service

A customer service personnel is responsible for answering phone calls, chat, and email requests. Many online companies have vast customer service departments consisting of remote workers. This job can provide full-time income if you take it seriously.

The professions above are currently in high demand. Therefore, you will not have difficulty finding job openings in this sector. Furthermore, they are well-paying. Also, you can easily find job openings online if you know where to look.  


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