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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Car

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February 13, 2021

There were just over 90,000 new cars registered in 2020. If you are considering purchasing a new car there are some things you should consider before you make such a big purchase. Buying a new car can be exciting but it can also be costly so before you sign on the dotted line, the following tips will give you some food for thought to ensure you are getting a car that meets your needs.


Before you choose a new car, consider what you will use it for. Is it for traveling with your children? Is it for just nipping about by yourself? Will you need a boot for carrying items? All of these things should be considered before you start looking at cars. Another point to make is that your car will probably be with you for a long time so choosing the colour and accessories will be important. No point in buying a car that is pink if you decide in 12 months’ time that you no longer like pink! The best way to go about deciding on suitability is to make a list of what you will use your car for and what you like. This is a good starting point for the budget you have.


While your heart may be set on a new car, it is worth considering a second-hand car. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a car that holds its value. New cars depreciate in value of around 40% after the first year so don’t rule used cars out altogether. 


When choosing a car, consider the cost of the insurance. Insurance companies will offer discounts for certain types of vehicles. Do your homework and look around for the best deals. Or you could take out car insurance with Call Wiser, who is an online company which could prove cheaper.  


There is a range of ways to pay for a new car. Do your homework and make sure you choose an option you are happy with. It can be confusing so best to work this out before you go to the car showroom. Also, take time to understand the options available and don’t let a salesperson push you into making a decision quickly without giving it careful consideration.


Once you know what type of car you want and why set yourself a budget and stick to it. There are fabulous deals to be had so let the salesperson work a good deal out for you. If they are not prepared to move to a price you are happy with then be prepared to walk away and find a car someplace else. 


There are times of the year when cars can be cheaper than other times. The best times to look for a good deal on a new car are often September and March. This is the time when new models are coming in and car dealerships are looking to shift older models. If you choose September then this will give you time to prepare your car for the colder weather ahead.


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