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My Top 10 Family Festival Must Haves!

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July 8, 2016

It is the month of July, which means festival season is well and truly upon us and this month I am heading to not one, but two family festivals – Larmer Tree in Wiltshire and Camp Bestival in Dorset.
As a family we have been attending festivals for 4 years now and I am often asked what my must have items to take are, so without further ado, here are my top ten must haves!
1.  A Festival Trolley – decorated or not a trolley is not only great for taking the camping gear from the car to the pitch or lugging around all the paraphernalia that comes with having kids, it is also a great place for them to sit down, relax and even have a snooze. We have the Outwell Transporter which folds down to a really small size and therefore takes up very little room in the car and then we jazz it up with solar lights and a sunshade.
Outwell Transporter
2.  Ear Defenders – Festivals can get very noisy, especially during times when music acts are playing or firework displays. We have brightly coloured Peltor Kids Ear Muffs which not only look great but help protect the kids delicate ears.
Ear Defenders
3.  A Picnic Blanket – Great for lining the festival trolley, it is easy to get out and lay on the floor so you can all have a rest or enjoy a picnic. We have a Gigsak Waterproof picnic blanket which has three uses. A picnic blanket; keeps you warm in the cold as you can put your legs in it but best of all, it keeps you dry in the wet as you can sit inside it.
4.  A Water Bottle each. Don’t take loads of water bottles as many festivals have free water for you to drink at water stations dotted around the site. If the kids don’t like water take a small bottle of Robinsons Squash’d to add a bit of flavour!
5.  Baby Wipes – Festivals are notoriously dusty places and baby wipes are perfect for cleaning grubby hands and faces and freshening up if there are no wash facilities
Camp Bestival 2015
6.  Portable Phone Charger – Charging your phone at festivals is an expensive business so take along a portable phone charger. We have the RAVPower 16750 Power Bank which holds enough charge to fully charge your phone 6 times! RAVPower7.  Waterproofs – it is the UK after all and with all this unsettled weather we have been having, taking wet weather gear is essential especially coats and wellies!
8.  Jumpers / Warm Clothing – last year it was 3°C overnight at Camp Bestival and was freezing inside the tent. Taking snuggly warm jumpers and warm pyjama’s is essential, even if it is sweltering in the daytime.
Camp Bestival
9.  Suncream / SunHats – you are out and about from morning to night and there is very little shade on offer, so keeping the kids protected from the sun is essential.
Camp Bestival
10.  First Aid Kit, containing sachets of calpol / ibruprofen, little packs of tissues (in case the loo paper has run out), hand sanitiser for portaloo visits, anti-histamine for bites, alka seltzer for Dad as well as the usual first aid equipment.
What are your festival essentials?
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    July 8, 2016

    Good list, love the trolley idea! We’ve never been to a family festival, looks like loads of fun!

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    July 9, 2016

    We haven’t ventured to a music festival since having the kids so wouldn’t know where to start on what to take! Good to get a seasoned pro’s advice- maybe we’ll give one a go!! xx

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    July 9, 2016

    We’ve been talking about needing a trolley – especially once we’ve completely given up the pushchair! Can you get away with pulling the kids in it if need be – is it sturdy enough? Also have you ever taken it on the beach?! (Questions questions!)

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    kerry norris

    July 11, 2016

    We could’ve done with this list a few weeks ago before we went to our first ever family festival. I will defo get a trolley/wagon next time. I was desperate for one x

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    Fritha Strickland

    July 18, 2016

    brilliant list! we could have done with a trolley for Wilf to nap in when we went last year! x

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    Isabelle Clover

    November 21, 2016

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    Best of luck to you and your kids.

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