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Watching the Red Arrows arrive at Adventure Wonderland

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September 8, 2017

We love Bournemouth Air Festival and it is something we attend every year, however, this year Hubby was working and the thought of taking three kids to the beach on my own didn’t appeal.
With none of the fast, noisy planes displaying this year, it was only the Red Arrows that the kids wanted to see, so I decided that it would be fun to see them arrive at Bournemouth Airport instead, so timed it with a visit to Adventure Wonderland which is opposite and has a great view of the runway.
Adventure Wonderland is a family theme park which offers rides and attractions aimed at families with children up to the age of 12 and I had been concerned that after our visit to Walt Disney World that the kids would find it boring – I needn’t have worried.
Adventure Wonderland
What Adventure Wonderland does best is allow the kids to relax and have fun.
Adventure Wonderland
It doesn’t have the biggest rides, but they were perfect for my three.
Adventure Wonderland
The best bit is that even on a busy August day, we didn’t have to queue for any ride other than the popular Battle Boats.
Adventure Wonderland
The Battle Boat queue was only about 20 minutes and well worth it for these smiles!!
Adventure Wonderland
Adventure Wonderland also boasts a large play area, a hedge maze which gets us lost every time and a small petting area with sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and guinea pigs.
Adventure Wonderland
There is also the small Happydrome theatre where they do fun shows twice a day, loosely based on Alice in Wonderland.
Adventure Wonderland
A new term has started at Wonderland High School and Alice is the new girl in town! Meeting new friends along the way, Alice soon finds herself in a wacky world of wonder, where all is not as it may seem. Time to head back to school for the most bonkers history lesson ever!
Adventure Wonderland
The Red Arrows flight schedules are easy to find on their website and they always arrive bang on time. We were hit by a thunderstorm about half an hour before they were due to arrive so headed inside to the soft play area and thankfully the rain stopped just in time.
Red Arrows
They did a formation flypast over the airport before all looping off one by one to land.
Red Arrows
It was a real treat to watch them and once they were out of sight, we headed back into the park to continue our fun.
Adventure Wonderland
We spent a full day at Adventure Wonderland, enjoying everything it had to offer and got to see the some of the other display planes take-off and fly over us throughout the day.
Adventure Wonderland
At the end of the day we then got to watch the red arrows take off again, ready for their display at Bournemouth Air Festival.
Red Arrows
The Red Arrows take to the sky about ten minutes before their performance, but wait until their display time as you get to see them in formation again as they fly over just before they start.
Red Arrows
Keep an eye on the Adventure Wonderland facebook page for some fabulous offers throughout the year. (This week is facebook fiver weekend)

Do you like watching the Red Arrows?

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    Jen Walshaw

    September 8, 2017

    The red arrows are just amazing and it looks like you teamed them up with a great day of fun

  2. Reply


    September 8, 2017

    Sounds like a fun event and what a treat to see the Red Arrows!

  3. Reply

    Super Busy Mum

    September 8, 2017

    This looks like it was an amazing event. I personally LOVE the red arrows – but they are in such high demand that they are rarely here in N.I. Hopefully next time they’re here, I’ll catch them! It’s been about 4yrs since I saw them!

  4. Reply

    Kate Williams

    September 9, 2017

    Any park where you don’t have to wait to go on things is a good thing in my book! We used to see the Red Arrows at the airshow when we lived in Southend but like you we would go somewhere other than the main area with the kids.

  5. Reply

    Angela Milnes

    September 9, 2017

    This sounds so much fun . I enjoyed your video. I have not seen the Red Arrows so would like to experience this for myself one day. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  6. Reply

    five little doves

    September 9, 2017

    This sounds fab!! We saw the Red Arrows once at an air show up here and it was amazing! The children have never been to something like this though, it looks like you had fun!

  7. Reply

    Fashion and Style Police

    September 10, 2017

    I like the sound of this theme park. The rides look exciting.

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