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Why You Should Discover The Magic Of St. Barts For Your Next Holiday

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July 6, 2021

The epitome of paradise, St Barts boasts postcard-perfect beaches, a rugged coastline that basks in the shinning sun and various shades of blue in natural coves. It is easy to fall in love with St Barts once you arrive. It has everything you need to create a tranquil holiday where you can relax in the various idyllic spots around the island. The list of reasons why St Barts is incredible is endless. If you are looking for reasons to go, here is why you should visit the island for your next holiday.

Choice Of Beaches

For such a petite island, St Barts is home to 22 beaches each one featuring white sands, breathtaking panoramic views and unspoilt waters. If you wanted to spend time on a beach with a touch of privacy, take a day trip to Gouverneur beach. The journey there might seem challenging at times, however, when you ascend the cliffs to this slice of paradise, the struggle will have been worth the view.

Local Cuisine Is Divine

The white sands and crystal blue waters may have tempted you to visit the island, but the cuisine will have you planning your return to St. Barts. Across the island, there is a choice of restaurants that offer the finest fresh seafood, French-influenced and some that are run by the world’s top chefs. The choices on offer can be overwhelming, especially when narrowing down the best restaurants in St Barts.

Fortunately, numerous guides detail what the best restaurants in St Barts are. They feature the L’isola restaurant St Barts and Tamarin St Barts, it makes selecting where to dine that little bit easier. If you stay on the island for a few days or a couple of weeks, don’t forget to visit some of the best restaurants in St Barts to experience the delightful dishes available.

Festivals To Experience

With a tropical climate all year round, and a cool period during the winter season, it makes selecting a time to visit St Barts for the best weather relatively easy. However, there is more to the island than the warm weather. Throughout the year, the island hosts various festivals enjoyed by both residents of the island and visitors to St Barts.

At the start of the year, there is the St. Barts’ Music Festival – showcasing talented musicians from around the world. Every year, the festival grows greater in stature and importance and is something you would not want to miss. The following month sees the beginning of Carnival celebrations, where parades occur along the streets of Gustavia. Towards the end of April and you could attend the St. Barts’ Film Festival. These are just a few of the festivals that take place in St Barts, some of the other popular festivals celebrate sporting events, like sailing and windsurfing.

Rich in natural beauty and culture, St Barts should be a place to visit on the bucket list of anyone who loves travelling, or who wants to experience spending time in paradise. The island has something for everyone, those who adore food will not be disappointed by the French-influenced cuisine, water sports for those that love adrenaline and beaches for those that want to relax. When planning places you want to discover on your next travelling adventures, St Barts should be at the top of the list.


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