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4 Effective Ways of Planning a Vacation on a Tight Budget

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January 4, 2021

The year 2020 goes down the book of records as one of the most challenging years ever experienced in history. Even as the world welcomes the New Year 2021, the massive impacts of Coronavirus are still fresh. The disease has left people’s pockets dry and many people suffering from business losses, deaths, mental illnesses, amongst other issues.

The worst thing is that a cure is yet to be established, and hence the world is uncertain of how long the disease will be around. Due to this, people globally are urged to find survival means as the universe enters the second wave of the pandemic.

 Although the world is currently unstable, you cannot afford to stay without going on a vacation once in a while. Besides, it’s therapeutic and good for your mental health and productivity. Taking note of the following four pointers will help you enjoy your vacation even on a tight budget resulting from the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

Costa Rica
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Be Unique and Take Advantage of the Offseason Period To Travel

 Travelling during the offseason will provide you with massive benefits such as reduced airfare prices, lower accommodation and food prices, minimal congestion of people, a rare chance to take beautiful and unique photos amongst many others.

Additionally travelling during the low season will give you a good glimpse and higher ability to interact with the local environment. During this time, the locals are likely to be more relaxed and friendly than during the high season when there is congestion and disturbance from many tourists.

Therefore, if your schedule allows you, plan for that vacation during the winter period and take hold of the many benefits it brings.

Consider Shorter Closer to Home Trips

Whether you are travelling for relaxation, learning purposes or exploring it would be better to consider closer to home trips. Besides, doing this leads to the promotion of your local economy, and these trips may offer you the same benefits as longer trips at a lower budget.

Moreover, some tourist attractions offer in-house benefits such as reduced prices and discounts for local tourists. Therefore travelling within your state will make you eligible for these benefits.


Additionally, opting for the shorter closer to home trip may mean driving to the site and saving on airfare.

To conclude, closer to home trips may serve the same purpose as more extended trips. Thus, it’s upon you to be proactive and search for the available local tourist sites that offer what you need and visit them instead.

Use Alternative Travel and Accommodation Methods During Your Vacation

You can decide to use the readily available alternative methods in your vacation to cut down on cost. For example, instead of flying to a particular destination, you can opt for the motorhome hire. Using this form of travel during your vacation will provide you with massive benefits such as enabling you to stop at any destination of your choice.

Moreover, it is cheaper as you can decide how far from home you want to get and you can bring and cook your food. Equally important, it favors the children as they can have their toys and pets with them and also enjoy the privacy of a family away from home.

Be on the Lookout for Travel and Vacation Resort Deals

Most of the airlines, hotels and resorts will once in a while have sales discounts to offer.  Therefore it’s upon you to always be on the lookout for the available deals and be fast in taking advantage of them.


Currently, it’s still unclear how long COVID-19 is going to be around. Hence, hard financial times are likely to continue in the coming days until a solution is found.

Despite this, you need not ignore going on a vacation at least once in a while. Moreover, implementing the above-recommended measures will go a long way in helping you enjoy your holiday amidst a tight budget.

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    April 8, 2021

    Hello good job we will follow all of the tips. We also recommend a city game like a scavenger hunt through an app that is being offered in many cities around the world and you can explore a city playing and learning info, in one walk connecting the best attractions. We paid 20-25 euros and we got thrilled . It was called , very cheap way to explore a city.

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    May 26, 2021

    Very good tips, Thank you for sharing your experience.

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