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Got a teen at home? Help motivate their studies with these simple suggestions

Posted on
May 16, 2020

Having a teen at home isn’t always plain sailing, whether it’s a lack of communication, bad attitudes and short tempers or downright laziness! We can’t be too hard on them of course, we were all teenagers once! They might not want to talk about their romantic relationships right now,…



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15 Fabulous Travel Bloggers to follow in 2020

Posted on
January 9, 2020

I love blogging about travel and giving others inspiration about where to visit next.

Pinterest is a great tool for getting ideas of places to visit next, but most of my ideas come from other travel bloggers, plus they give you hints and tips for getting the best out of…


Are we nearly there yet? is a new online blog run by me, Kara Guppy, and is named as such thanks to my daughter Eliza who always asks that very question when we are less than 5 minutes up the road heading off on our adventures. You may know me from my other family blog