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June 12, 2018

One of the highlights of our year is heading to Camp Bestival on the Dorset coast.
This year, it’s festi-holiday frolics ahoy with the theme of Camp Bestival sets sail and I have already made a start on our nautical costumes and ideas for our trolley.
Camp Bestival is based at Lulworth Castle from the 26th to the 29th July 2018 and is a family festival like no other, brimming with incredible spectacles, joyous music, amazing food, luxury camping and tons of fun for all the family.
Camp Bestival
The line-up certainly does not disappoint this year with headliners: Friday – Rick Astley, Saturday – Clean Bandit and Sunday – Simple Minds for music fans, plus numerous others and a DJ set from Basement Jaxx and festival favourites the Cuban Brothers.
For the small people, family shows and entertainment are front and centre on the promenade deck with top billing turns from long time CB legend Mr Tumble, Castle Stage faves Dick and Dom, CBeebies favourite Andy with his band the Odd Socks and Mr Maker and his Shapes.
Camp Bestival
They will also have dino-mite fun with Dinosaur World Live, Ballet with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Pirates of Penzance – The Musical, Royal Albert Hall’s Seafaring Symphony & Workshops, the return of ‘Come Dancing’ In Spiegeltent with Karen Hardy Studios, Underwater Carnival Night Parade, Sailing Talks with High Seas Adventurers, Pirate Bedtime Stories, The World of Supersaurs and Now That’s What I Call Sea Shanties. There will be teen talks and opinions from Gemma Cairney and Katie Thistleton.
Camp Bestival really is fun for all the family and HMS Camp Bestival will be hosted by the Blue Coats who will be sure to get everyone playing games and dancing. Our favourite is back: the Dingly Dell features Lizzie’s Way, with the opportunity to make some fairy magic and mud pies, plus try your hand at Den Building & Tree Climbing.
Camp Bestival
There is also the Crafty Cabin with Katie Jones’ Knit & Lizzie King’s Tie-Dye, the Insect Circus & Museum, The Greatest Tent on Earth!, a bigger and better Art Town, Bigtopmania Kids Theatre & Circus, Spinney Hollow Woodland Crafts and the Sports Park & Skate Ramps.
Camp Bestival
There will be lots of delicious food and drink on offer too including The Feast Collective hosted by DJ BBQ, River Cottage presents Family Feasting & Culinary Workshop, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen’s Kente Kala-Bash Supper Club, and Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival and much, much more.
Camp Bestival is a lovely introduction to festivals and has so much to do for all the family. The camping in the Main Campsites is included free with your event ticket and for those fair weather campers amongst us, comes with plenty of toilet facilities and hot showers, plus some fabulous places to visit if you head offsite.
Camp Bestival
The team at Camp Bestival have offered me a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) to giveaway to one lucky reader.
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  1. Reply

    Lauren whiteley

    June 13, 2018

    We would love to win this , the little ones would love to see mr tumble while us adults would enjoy soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the music

  2. Reply


    June 13, 2018

    Sea shanties AND Rick Astley! WOW!

  3. Reply


    June 13, 2018

    For me I can’t wait to see clean bandit 🙂

  4. Reply


    June 13, 2018

    I promised mine we would go back, we had to miss last year because of moving house. Would be lovely to win tickets!

  5. Reply


    June 13, 2018

    it’s got to be seeing Rick Astley hasn’t it 🙂

  6. Reply

    Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    June 13, 2018


  7. Reply

    Margaret Gallagher

    June 13, 2018

    Rick Astley – my hey day revisited !

  8. Reply

    Helen Robertson

    June 13, 2018

    Seeing Basement Jaxx and going to River Cottage!!!

  9. Reply

    Linda Huxter

    June 13, 2018

    I have never been as I am normally away but this year I am here. I would like to experience Camp Besitival as every year i hear, i see, all pictures on Facebook , not this time let me be the Judge !!!!

  10. Reply

    Catherine Stewart

    June 13, 2018

    Clean bandit! I think they’re great.

  11. Reply

    jamie Banks

    June 14, 2018

    my daughter would love to see clean bandit! x

  12. Reply

    charlie pope

    June 14, 2018

    I like the comedy and love Sean Lock (he lives in the same town as me funnily enough

  13. Reply

    dawn bell

    June 14, 2018

    We always enjoy the kids’ theatre at festivals and tend to hang out in that tent mostly

  14. Reply

    kat p

    June 14, 2018

    Basement Jaxx is my fave

  15. Reply

    helen carew

    June 14, 2018

    A blast from the past – Rick Astley!

  16. Reply

    sam fut

    June 14, 2018

    The Cuban Brothers are always loads of fun

  17. Reply

    Marion Payne

    June 14, 2018

    Love to win this for my daughter and Family they love Camp Bestival but unfortunately finances don’t allow this year, they would be over the moon if I won tickets!

  18. Reply

    Marion Payne

    June 14, 2018

    Love to win for my daughter and Family who can’t afford to go this year, and Rick Astley was my daughter’s favourite growing up! Fingers crossed

  19. Reply

    Kim Styles

    June 14, 2018

    I want to see River Cottage with its Family Feasting & Culinary Workshop

  20. Reply

    Lucy D

    June 14, 2018

    Tree climbing in the Dingly Dell. We went 2 years ago and the kids adored the Dingly Dell. We’d love to go again.

  21. Reply

    Lucy Dorrington

    June 14, 2018

    River Cottage Family Feasting sounds appealing!

  22. Reply


    June 14, 2018

    Simple Minds and Rick Astley will be amazing!

  23. Reply

    Cherry Newby

    June 14, 2018

    I would love to win this for my lovely friend who is desperate to go but just can’t justify the cost. We are already going and I know this would more than make her year (if not more!!)

  24. Reply


    June 14, 2018

    Basement Jaxx and it of course the cuban brothers 😀

  25. Reply

    georgie pope

    June 14, 2018

    the Cuban bros always make me laugh (and slightly creep me out)

  26. Reply

    helen legrys

    June 14, 2018

    Simple Minds. I’m of an age!

  27. Reply

    jo shrew

    June 14, 2018

    Playing in the Dingly Dell. Sounds fun but odd!

  28. Reply

    Laura C

    June 14, 2018

    Basement Jaxx and all the fun things for the kids

  29. Reply

    Sonya Cisco

    June 15, 2018

    The Undertones for me – and The Fireworks of course!

  30. Reply


    June 15, 2018

    I have wanted to go for ages. As I’m based in Dorset it is so near. I am really really excited to be entered in your competition, thank you!

  31. Reply

    Lianne Christie

    June 15, 2018

    I can’t wait to see Clean Bandit

  32. Reply

    Chris Eley

    June 15, 2018

    Basement Jaxx, Jaguar Skillz & The Cuban Brothers

  33. Reply

    Kate Fox-Pope

    June 16, 2018

    I really want our family to get back to nature a bit, so all those sort of activities appeal to me

  34. Reply

    leila dlm

    June 16, 2018

    sooo many memories to Simple Minds Glittering Prize album – would love to see them live!

  35. Reply

    frances hopkins

    June 16, 2018

    I’d love to see Rick Astley x

  36. Reply

    Jo Carroll

    June 17, 2018

    Simple Minds for me and CBeebies for my son 🙂

  37. Reply

    amy bondoc

    June 17, 2018

    ive never been but heard so many super stories id just love to go this year

  38. Reply

    Dale Askew

    June 17, 2018

    The Fireworks and Clean Bandit are what i’m looking forward to

  39. Reply


    June 17, 2018

    I would love to see Shed Seven! I was a huge fan when I was a teenager and never got to see them live – the Camp Bestival line-up is “Getting better all the time”!

  40. Reply

    Catherine Lennon

    June 17, 2018

    Basement Jaxx would be amazing!

  41. Reply


    June 17, 2018

    I think the kids would like to see Dick and Dom, but i would like to see Simple Minds.

  42. Reply

    Christina Curtis

    June 17, 2018

    See Clean Bandit and eat loads of the Yummy food!

  43. Reply

    Duncan Nagle

    June 17, 2018

    CB is always an awesome festival, everything from the fireworks to the foodstuffs; it would be pretty awesome to see Rick Astley too!

  44. Reply

    leanne weir

    June 17, 2018

    clean bandit

  45. Reply

    karina henderson

    June 18, 2018

    the sunshine and making memories would be amazing. Little lady wants to do a festival but ive always been apprehensive, this looks amazing!

  46. Reply

    Kelly-Marie Dudley

    June 18, 2018

    I’m excited about the eating – I love Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen 😀 And it’d be rude not to try the gin, then go sing along with Rick Astley.

  47. Reply


    June 18, 2018

    I want to experience camp bestvial! MY sister has been as say the atmosphere is amazing, and one not to miss.

  48. Reply

    Donna Gilligan

    June 18, 2018

    My littlest would love to see Clean Bandit…………… I’d be giving the worlds biggest bouncy castle a go

  49. Reply

    Catherine Deacon

    June 18, 2018

    Rick Astley

  50. Reply

    Katie Blackmore

    June 18, 2018

    My kids would love this

  51. Reply


    June 18, 2018

    I would love to see Simple Minds have never seen them before and was such a big fan back in the 80’s

  52. Reply


    June 18, 2018

    I want to enjoy as many bands as possible and just enjoy the atmosphere

  53. Reply

    Karen Nagle

    June 18, 2018

    I’d love to relive my teenage Breakfast Club dreams with Simple Minds

  54. Reply

    michelle o'neill

    June 18, 2018

    rick astley!!

  55. Reply


    June 18, 2018

    Everything in the Magic Meadows

  56. Reply

    Christine Hall

    June 18, 2018

    Clean bandit

  57. Reply

    Rich Tyler

    June 19, 2018

    Basement Jaxx & seeing how happy my little 1s are

  58. Reply

    Leanne Nash

    June 19, 2018

    Tough question, our children love the craft tent and the science tent but would also love to see Dick& Dom. We’d love to see Orbital and Clean Bandit!

  59. Reply

    Sadie Quinton

    June 20, 2018

    My daughter’s and I would love to see Clean Bandit though with so much to see and do it would all be incredibly exciting x

  60. Reply

    lindsey w

    June 20, 2018

    Desperate to see Rick Astley!

  61. Reply

    Karen Barrett

    June 20, 2018

    Looking forward to meeting up with my mate Michelle and watching Rick Astlyey

  62. Reply

    katrina walsh

    June 20, 2018

    Rick Astley

  63. Reply

    Donna Tully

    June 21, 2018

    I love the idea of this, a great way to ease the kids into festivals too.

  64. Reply

    Susan Hitchins

    June 21, 2018

    Hi, my husband would LOVE to see Simple Minds as we had tour tickets but our babysitter let us down and we missed the gig! He’s a huge fan so he was especially gutted. I would LOVE to see Rick Astley as he was my teenage heartthrob, and he’s not bad still for 50! ; )

  65. Reply


    June 21, 2018

    I am most excited to see Clean Bandit! 🙂

  66. Reply

    Suzanne Gaulton

    June 22, 2018

    I’m a child of a certain era and loved Rick Astley so I’d have to say, seeing him would be my best bit! Kids would love everything – my daughter especially the dance workshops. Ooh and we’d all love the food!

  67. Reply

    Emily Downes

    June 23, 2018

    We love the circus area! and the craft tent too!
    Last year the lego and cbeebies are was fab! And the chunky chips & Dips 😛

  68. Reply

    craig austin

    June 24, 2018

    For me it would be clean bandit but the kids want to see Mr tumble

  69. Reply

    Julia Linsley

    June 24, 2018

    I want my daughter with special needs to experience a festival and enjoy everything from the atmosphere to the music the food the camping ! It would be a first for her!

  70. Reply


    June 25, 2018

    Mr Tumble!

  71. Reply

    Danielle Thompson

    June 25, 2018

    I would really love to camp bestival and experience it it as a family! I just know my boys would love it so much. The atmosphere looks great, and a cool line up too. We would defiantly love to get involved with the fancy dress side too!!!

  72. Reply

    Samantha crutcher

    June 25, 2018

    We would love to go my son would love to see mr tumbles and the crew x

  73. Reply

    Gemma Pepper

    June 25, 2018

    We would love to go to camp bestival this year .. we normally go to bestival but because of the change of date we can’t go this year so gutted!! We just love wandering round enjoying the vibes ☺️

  74. Reply

    Hayley Turner

    June 25, 2018

    Absolutely everything for the children, plus secretly rick astley for me, shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone!

  75. Reply

    Keeley Cox

    June 26, 2018

    This is such an awesome prize !! Good luck everyone!! We would love to win! Our little dude would love it!

  76. Reply

    Keeley Cox

    June 26, 2018

    Good luck everyone what an amazing prize. We would love to win – fingers crossed !!
    Keeley –

  77. Reply

    Juanita Powers

    June 26, 2018

    I would love to watch Simple Minds and Rick Astley

  78. Reply

    jolene yule

    June 26, 2018

    I’m super excited for clean bandit and simple minds
    and the thought of the atmosphere it will be amazing

  79. Reply

    Lorraine Kirk

    June 27, 2018

    The Dingle Dell sounds right up my son’s street!

  80. Reply

    Caroline Cordery

    June 28, 2018

    I want to hear brass bands and dance

  81. Reply

    donna l jones

    June 29, 2018

    Rick Astley bring me back to my youth

  82. Reply

    Adrian Bold

    June 29, 2018

    I’d love to see the legend that is Rick Astley!

  83. Reply

    Mark Mccaffery

    June 29, 2018

    I’d love to see Basement Jaxx play live.

  84. Reply

    Adrian Crook

    June 29, 2018

    Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival

  85. Reply

    Laura pugh

    June 29, 2018

    the culinary workshop sounds awesome

  86. Reply

    Jodie W

    June 29, 2018

    Basement Jaxx for me

  87. Reply

    Vera Bahounkova

    June 30, 2018

    Clean bandit! Would love to win this as never been before

  88. Reply


    June 30, 2018

    Clean Bandit would be on my must see list !

  89. Reply


    June 30, 2018

    Clean Bandit would be on my must see list !

  90. Reply

    Maria P

    June 30, 2018

    My daughter would love ZSL LONDON ZOO: GRUESOME NATURE LIVE! as she loves animals so much!

  91. Reply

    Sarah Mccaffery

    June 30, 2018

    Love to see Rick Astley.

  92. Reply

    Rachel Frances

    June 30, 2018

    Rick Astley a must see

  93. Reply

    Claire Simpson

    June 30, 2018

    It’s got to be the Cuban Brothers – they are great!

  94. Reply


    June 30, 2018

    It would definitely be Clean Bandit!

  95. Reply

    Sarah Gray

    June 30, 2018

    Rick Astley & simple Minds 🙂

  96. Reply

    sue mcdermott

    June 30, 2018

    Basement Jaxx & Rick Astley

  97. Reply


    June 30, 2018

    rICK ASTLEY – Takes me back to my youth

  98. Reply

    Andrea F

    June 30, 2018

    The Cuban brothers!

  99. Reply

    Darren Bourne

    July 1, 2018

    The kids love dick and Dom so it would be great to see them

  100. Reply

    Lucy Carter

    July 1, 2018

    Rick Astley, we love 80s music

  101. Reply

    Sarah Hill

    July 1, 2018

    I love Rick Astley and cannot wit to see him!

  102. Reply

    carol boffey

    July 1, 2018

    has to be rick astley

  103. Reply


    July 1, 2018

    I really really want to shout “bogies” with Dick and Dom – please tell me they still do that!?!

    • Reply


      July 1, 2018

      They do!!

  104. Reply

    Jacqui McLoughlin

    July 1, 2018

    Its got to be Simple Minds!

  105. Reply

    Andrew Melrose

    July 1, 2018


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